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Peter Bailey
Personal Info
Full Name Peter Bailey
Race Human
Nationality Australian
General Info
Occupation Black Marketeer
Debut Season 2 Episode 22
Closing Season 5 Episode 7
English Roger Scott

"You wanna talk numbers, girly? That hairy missing link is worth ten times more than the junk I came here for."
— Peter Bailey

Peter Bailey is a black marketeer who steals artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder.


Peter deceived a tribe of Inuits into believing that he was a great shaman by exploiting their ignorance of modern technology, making them think that he could communicate with other shamans across the world with a "magical black box" (a cell phone in actuality). He misled them into believing a frozen prehistoric humanoid was an evil snow spirit intent on freezing the whole planet. In reality, the creature was gentle in nature and Peter wanted to capture it to sell.

The creature (now named "Dwayne") was captured by the tribe after he was defrosted by Jade Chan. Peter told them that at this time "the spirit" would return and the Inuits handed Dwayne over to Peter to destroy him. Just as Peter was about to take Dwayne away, Jackie Chan informed the Inuit leader of Peter's true character. When confronted by the Inuit leader, Peter attempted to continue his façade and labeled the Chans as "evil ones", but the leader saw through his lies and Peter then ran off with Dwayne in his snowmobile. Jackie chased after him and stopped him in his tracks by chucking an Inuit axe at his vehicle. Peter then attacked Jackie with a spear gun until Dwayne (upon freeing himself) turned on him. Peter fired a spear at Dwayne and Jackie threw a snowball at Peter, causing the spear to hit the snow cluster Dwayne was holding. Dwayne fell down and his large mass caused the icy ground below them to break into pieces. Peter was then stranded on an isolated iceberg that slowly drifted away to sea. Peter pleaded for help, but Jackie assured him that he'll reach land in 2 days and handed him a fishing rod to keep him busy.

Peter encountered Jackie once again when he teamed up with Vanessa Barone, Angus McCutcheon, Haggis, and the Monk to get the Silver Iguana of Awramba. Peter and the other four chased after him, only for Jackie to get rescued by Jade in a hang-glider.


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