Personal Info
Full Name Paco
Nickname Pacito
Alias El Paco Diablo (formerly)
Race Human
Nationality Mexican
General Info
Base of Operations Mexico
Occupation Apprentice of El Toro Fuerte
Affiliation Section 13
Team J-Team
Partner El Toro Fuerte
Debut Season 1 Episode 3
Closing Season 5 Episode 13
English Franco Velez
Japanese Mayuko Yunoki

Paco is a supporting character who serves as El Toro Fuerte's apprentice.


Paco is a short Mexican boy who is roughly the same height and age as Jade. His main outfit consists of a green sweater, yellow pants and brown sandals. He has brown hair and brown eyes. His alternate outfit consists of a wrestling uniform nearly identical to El Toro Fuerte's with the only difference being that his mask is black with golden wings near the sockets.


Paco is El Toro Fuerte's #1 fan, who believes that El Toro is the "greatest fighter ever". Although his belief has been questioned throughout the series, he remains loyal to his hero El Toro and becomes his apprentice and sidekick. Later, Paco is given his own mask as a reward for his loyalty.

The main gag between Paco and Jade is that whenever they are together in an episode, they start arguing about which one of their idols - El Toro and Jackie, respectively - is the better fighter, even Paco refers to Jackie as "The Mouse Man" because of his comparatively smaller stature. He habitually calls Jade, "Yade" because of his Mexican accent, and it has been hinted he might have a crush on her, but it is never detailed.


Paco was also once possessed by an Oni mask and tried to destroy Jackie, Jade, and El Toro, when Jade challenged how scary Paco was. He was eventually freed from possession by the mask, and later appeared in the episode (The J-Tots), where he assisted Jade in helping take care of the baby forms of the adult members of the J-Team. He gave Jade a kiss on the cheek during the Chupacabra episode.

Although Paco is not an official member of the J-Team, Chang managed to make a clone of him during Season 3 episode 17. This clone had a flaw, as it correctly said Jade's name without a Mexican accent.

Powers and Abilities

While in possession of an Oni Mask, Paco gained a large amount of physical strength and agility. He also gained sharp claws which can be used in battle and the ability to summon Shadowkhan.

Although his natural self does not possess any strength or fighting skill, he does possess a great amount of willpower, evident by the fact that he is the only character to break-free from the control of an Oni Mask and remove the mask from his face by himself (not including Finn due to the fact that the mask was on his butt, therefore the mask could only control his body, not his mind).

As El Toro's apprentice, Paco has some knowledge on wrestling.


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  • Paco's backstory is not given as his parents, family, etc. is not mentioned as El Toro is not only his idol and mentor, but serves as Paco's guardian (it's unclear if they're related just like Jackie is Jade's uncle).
  • The only talisman that Paco has ever used in the entire series is the Sheep Talisman.
  • Paco has been in the same episodes as El Toro, apart from Re-Enter the J-Team (only mentioned) and Ninja Twilight.
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