General Info
Type Magical Weapon
Ability Weapon Transformation
User StrikeMaster Ice
Debut/Closing Season 4 Episode 9
The Opal is a priceless gemstone with magical properties.


Jackie was called to collect the Opal from a temple in Bhutan and donate it to a museum. At the temple, he ran into the Ice Crew who wanted to take the Opal for themselves, but with the help of the newly-reformed Enforcers he was able to escape the ruins of the temple with the Opal in hand. However, the Enforcers betrayed Chan and stole the Opal from him, but were then dispatched by the Ice Crew who took the Opal. StrikeMaster Ice then attached the Opal to his arm and used it's magical properties to raid the Zu Monastery. Jackie came to the rescue and StrikeMaster Ice fought back with the Opal. Jackie merged his arm with Opal in the middle of the fight. As StrikeMaster Ice tried to pull the Opal off him, Jackie let go of the Opal which caused StrikeMaster Ice to stumble to the ground and the Opal slid off his arm. The Opal rolled to the edge of the mountain and the Enforcers ran after. Due to the mist distorting their vision, the Enforcers fell off the cliff while the Opal remaining sitting on the edge until Jackie picked it up and took it to a museum.

Powers and Abilities

The Opal can be transformed into a weapon by merging it with the user's hand. These weapons include a small cannon that fires purple energy blasts and a spiked mace for close combat. The wielder can also fuse the two weapons together and shoot energy blasts in its mace form. Merging your hand into the Opal requires no special requirements and a second person can merge their arm into the Opal even if it's already connected to someone else. The Opal can be removed with a reasonable degree of force.


Season 4

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