Oni Masks

The Oni Masks originate from Japan and were created by ancient good chi wizards to seal the Oni Generals within them. The masks were then scattered to the four corners of the Earth to ensure that Tarakudo and his Oni Generals could never again rise to power. The hunt for them serves as the primary focus of Season 4.


Oni Masks can each summon a different tribe of Shadowkhan once the mask is attached to a host's face, but if all nine masks are brought together in one location, the masks shatter into pieces and the Oni spirits are set free, summoning enough Shadowkhan to engulf the Earth in eternal darkness.

If worn too long, the masks will possess the wearer until he/she is consumed by the demon's psyche and corrupts the wearer's chi. Depending on how much of the mask is worn by the host, the Shadowkhan will only have that much of them summoned. The wearer is also granted with superhuman strength, speed and agility to the extent that they could bend prison bars and lift Tohru with one hand. Since they are not full Oni, users are not affected by onions.

Each mask has a different tribe of Shadowkhan and a different removal ingredient. The removal spell also requires a lizard tail, wolfsbane, sulfur root, and the left eye of a newt.

A tenth mask was forged, intended to imprison Tarakudo like the rest of his demon generals, but he got to it first and hid it in the Shadow Realm, putting it beyond the reach of any human without the use of shadow magic and the means to locate the mask.


Mask Shadowkhan Removal Ingredient Wearer
Ninja Khan Japanese Steel Chow
General 2 Mask
Razor Khan Japanese Silk Ratso
General 3 Mask
Bat Khan Japanese Rice Scruffy
General 4 Mask
Sumo Khan Rare Japanese Seaweed Captain Black
Ikazuki Mask
Samurai Khan Japanese Cherry Blossom Finn's backside.
General 6 Mask
Squid Khan

Tentacle of Japanese Octopus

General 8 Mask
Crab Khan Tears of Japanese Monkey Valmont (left half)
Jade Chan (right half)
General 7 Mask
Mini Khan Fish Hak Foo
General 9 Mask
Mantis Khan Japanese Leaves Nobody
Tarakudo Oni

Hair of a Samurai
(or a descendant of one)



  • Most wearers will only have their faces changed to resemble those of the Oni possessing them. However, when Paco and Scruffy wore masks, their whole bodies changed to look more demonic.
  • Finn was the only person who was completely conscious and didn't have his personality brainwashed while his Oni (Ikazuki) was controlling his body, due to their unusual situation (a Rat Talisman-animated Ikazuki mask was accidentally fused to Finn's rear end when he sat on the mask).
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