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Agent Oliver.png
Personal Info
Full Name Oliver
Race Human
Nationality American
General Info
Base of Operations Section 13
Occupation Agent
Affiliation Captain Black
Debut/Closing Season 1 Episode 7
English Andre Braugher

"The Grass is always greener on the sunny side of the gopher hole."
— Oliver

Oliver[1] is a high-ranking agent of Section 13 who temporarily led the organization in Captain Black's place when the latter was hospitalized after being wounded in action.


When Jackie reported back to Section 13 after failing to prevent the Dark Hand from acquiring the Dragon Talisman, Agent Oliver alerted Captain Black that the San Francisco Mint was under siege by Valmont and his Enforcers. Unbeknown to Section 13, Valmont was armed with the Talisman's magical power of combustion. Captain Black subsequently deployed a team of agents before leading them onto the scene. After arriving face to face with Valmont, the latter struck him with a devastating blast, knocking the captain unconscious before fleeing with the spoils.

As acting head of Section 13, Oliver proceeded to contacted Jackie, who had been attending a parent-teacher conference at Jade's school. Later at the hospital, Oliver inferred that Valmont used "some sort of advanced explosive device" to render Black unconscious, which Jackie deduced was the Dragon Talisman, briefly incensing him with rage.

Back at Section 13, Oliver alerted Jackie to the Dark Hand's activity, indicating that Valmont was planning a heist on the U.S. gold reserve at Fort Knox. When Oliver and his men arrived at the gates of the facility, however, he was unable to convince the MP of Section 13's legitimacy, forcing Jackie to sneak into the complex by himself. Joined by Jade and Uncle, Jackie proceeded to confront Valmont and successfully prevented him from escaping with the gold bullion, but failed once again to secure the Dragon Talisman.

Oliver was last seen at the hospital, reporting the recovery of the gold bullion to a now conscious Captain Black.


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