Old Peddler
Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality Chinese
Status Deceased
General Info
Base of Operations Wagon
Occupation Traveling Vendor
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 12
English Sab Shimono

"Shanghai Surprise: good for digestion, bad for everything else."
— The Old Peddler

The Old Peddler was a wise old peddler from "the old country" who traveled around America during the Old West selling Shanghai Surprise good-for-digestion elixirs. The Old Peddler was envisioned as Uncle in Jackie's telling of the novel The Hong Kong Kid.


The Old Peddler arrived in town just as the sheriff was challenged to a showdown. After selling 10 bottles of good-for-digestion elixirs, the Peddler invited the sheriff and his niece into the back of his wagon who were hoping that his wisdom may help them with the showdown. His advice was simply "don't go". However, the old peddler arrived just in time to help melt the Mayor's gun using his elixir. The Old Peddler then rode in his wagon out of town alongside the recently-former sheriff and his niece to sell more elixir and clean up other towns.


Season 2

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