Ninja Twilight
Season 4 Episode 13
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General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on February 15, 2004
Production Number 82
Written by Eddie Guzelian
Directed by Brandon Vietti
Produced by Solon So
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Ninja Twilight is the eighty-second episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


The final Oni Mask is located and brought back to Section 13. A hidden danger is uncovered, and all the Oni Generals are released, and the masks are destroyed. The J-Team's only hope of saving the world rests on defeating Tarakudo himself, once and for all.


Jackie and Jade, in a mini-sub, find the last Oni Mask at the bottom of the ocean, embedded onto the figurehead of a sunken ship. However, Jade is suspicious, as Tarakudo and his goons would usually have shown up to stop them, and expresses her disappointment at the absence of an "ultimate good vs. evil battle royale" over the final Oni Mask; Jackie, on the other hand, is relieved. However, as they make their way back to Section 13, their stream of bubbles reveals Tarakudo, smiling ominously.

At the vault, the mask is placed upon the wall amongst the other eight. With all nine masks successfully secured, the Chans affirm that their quest is complete. However, Tohru seems nervous and ultimately gets the willies as the masks proceed to glow before shattering into pieces, releasing the Oni Generals imprisoned from within. Led by Ikazuki, they leap at the Chans, but Jade uses the Dragon Talisman to repel them. As she gathers the rest, they escape whilst sealing the vault behind them, locking the Oni inside. Trapped, the Oni begin to summon one of each Shadowkhan to attack the Chans, including "the new guy" from the ninth and final tribe. Aided by the Talismans, the Chans are able to destroy their aggressors, but when a mantis-like member appears, they use the Snake Talisman to flee the compound. The Chans escape and emerge out onto the surface, only to come across a countless army of Shadowkhan from every tribe. The Chans prepare for a tough fight, but the warriors suddenly merge into a shadow shroud, covering everything in darkness. As Tohru recites, the combined power of the nine masks can summon enough Shadowkhan to engulf the Earth in eternal darkness.

At the shop, Uncle conjures a spell to protect the shop from darkness. Tohru is confused, as he had memorized the legend, but Jade reveals a convenient piece that they've accidentally flipped over. It warns that the nine masks should never be conjoined in one location, which explains why they were originally scattered across the Earth. Regardless, the darkness has already taken hold and will eventually erode all good magic to nothing. Just then, the Chans hear a loud bashing on the door, but it turns out to be El Toro and Viper. As they are filled in on the current events, Jackie begins to elaborate on the spell ingredients that originally defeated the Oni, but Uncle whacks him, informing everyone that said spells would not work because the masks used to imprison them no longer exist. Uncle infers that in order to save the world from eternal darkness, they must find a way to defeat Tarakudo directly. Jackie suddenly receives a call from Captain Black, operating from a mobile unit after having evacuated Section 13, informing Jackie that they have monitored the Oni, indicating that they are travelling in groups of two, each heading in the directions of the compass to further spread the shadow shroud. Empowered by the Talismans, the J-Team splits up to confront each pair. Jackie refuses to bring Jade along, explaining that he could not live with himself if something happened to her. As usual, Jade disregards her orders, using the Rat Talisman to animate Super Moose. Meanwhile, Ikazuki has seized control of Section 13 and, after lifting the onion barrier defending it from Tarakudo, is joined by his master. Ikazuki informs Tarakudo of their progress before the latter begins to pick up on the J-Team's interference. As the J-Team begin to gain the upper hand against their respective foes, Tarakudo shows up and swiftly defeats them one by one, imprisoning them all inside a cell within Section 13.

While trying to escape, Jade frustratingly throws the seemingly useless Hana Fuda Cards that she had previously kept in her bag across the cell, inadvertently revealing the existence of a tenth mask belonging to Tarakudo himself, who concealed the mask within Shadow Realm. Uncle explains that the Shadow Realm can only be accessed through the shadows by use of dark magic. Jade infers that by replicating the Mark of Tarakudo from the card onto one's self would endow them the ability to summon Shadowkhan, effectively allowing one to travel through shadow. Jade volunteers to become the Queen of the Shadowkhan again, but Jackie says no. Uncle instead volunteers Tohru, telling his apprentice that he must face his fears before proceeding to press the card against his arm until the Mark of Tarakudo is imprinted on him. Nervously, Tohru summons four members of the Ninja Shadowkhan tribe, telling them to take him to the Shadow Realm. Uncle provides Tohru with a lifeline, tying a magical thread (from one of Uncle's magic socks) to him so he can safely find his way back.

Tohru successfully retrieves the mask, but upon re-emerging, he has quickly been consumed by the evil of the tattoo and immediately call for Tarakudo, who promptly answers his summons. Upon noticing the mask in their possession, Tarakudo attempts to destroy the J-Team along with the mask with a psychic blast, tearing a hole through the floor of the cell that causes them to drop down into the garage beneath. As they quickly recover and catch their bearings, Tarakudo calls upon Ikazuki to aid him, only for the Oni General to be tackled by both El Toro and Viper. Amidst the fighting, Uncle attempted to conjure the spell required to defeat Tarakudo, only to shout from atop a pipe that he is missing the key ingredient needed to complete it; hair of Japanese samurai. Tarakudo sneeringly remarks that ancient Japan is ancient history as the corrupted Tohru proceeds to attack the J-Team. Since Tohru is Japanese, Jade deduces that he may be a descendant of a samurai, and the J-Team subdue him long enough for Jade to claim a strand of his hair, eventually delivering it to Uncle. Upon applying the key ingredient to his potion, there is a blinding flash that affects Tarakudo, causing him to collapse to the floor in a puff of dark magic. As the smoke clears, it is revealed that the spell has granted Tarakudo a physical form, necessary for the mask to stick to his face. But even without his mental powers, he is an able fighter, who easily bests Jackie, knocking him out before proceeding to defeat both El Toro and Viper in a single strike. He then goes over to Jackie, demanding his mask, only to find out that he doesn't have it; Jade does. She slaps it onto his face, which proceeds to suck the shadow shroud, the nine Oni Generals, the Shadowkhan, Tohru's tattoo and Tarakudo himself within the mask. Having returned to his normal self, Tohru inquiries as to whether or not their quest is truly over, to which Uncle affirms that if he no longer has the willies, then their quest is indeed truly over.





  • Oni Masks
    • Oni General #1's Mask
    • Oni General #2's Mask
    • Oni General #3's Mask
    • Oni General #4's Mask
    • Ikazuki's Mask
    • Oni General #6's Mask
    • Oni General #7's Mask
    • Oni General #8's Mask
    • Oni General #9's Mask
    • Tarakudo's Mask - Tarakudo

Voice Talent


  • This is the second episode (after Re-Enter the J-Team) where Paco doesn't appear along with El Toro or the J-Team, even though, he is not mentioned.


Uncle: One more thing. Uncle never leaves shop without magic socks. (holds up a sock with a loose thread)
Jackie: He cannot be serious.
Jade: Be thankful he’s not talking underwear.


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday 14th February 2004.
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