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|general = [[Oni General Number: 1|General #1]]
|general = [[Oni General Number: 1|General #1]]
|affiliation = [[Tarakudo]]
|affiliation = [[Tarakudo]]
|previous affiliation = [[Shendu]]<br>[[Daolon Wong]]<br>[[Chow]]
|previous affiliation = [[Shendu]]<br>[[Jade]]<br>[[Daolon Wong]]<br>[[Chow]]<br>[[Tohru]]
|cartoon = [[The Dark Hand|Season 1 Episode 1]]
|cartoon = [[The Dark Hand|Season 1 Episode 1]]
|closing = [[Ninja Twilight|Season 4 Episode 13]]}}
|closing = [[Ninja Twilight|Season 4 Episode 13]]}}

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Ninja Khan
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Personal Info
Race Shadowkhan
Status Imprisoned in a Mask
Oni General General #1
Martial Arts Ninjutsu
General Info
Occupation Servant
Affiliation Tarakudo
Previous Affiliation Shendu
Daolon Wong
Debut Season 1 Episode 1
Closing Season 4 Episode 13

The Ninja Khan are one of the nine tribes of the Shadowkhan. They were summoned by the Oni General #1 or the wearers of his mask. The Ninja Khan are the most commonly summoned Shadowkhan.


The Ninja Khan have greyish-blue skin and glowing, red eyes. They wear black ninja suits with dark red and blue accents that cover most of their body and face. They have dark red belts where they keep their Shuriken.


Season 1

The Ninja Khan were originally used as henchmen by Shendu who sucked the power out of the Oni General's mask in order to gain full control over the Ninja Khan.

Season 2

In Queen of the Shadowkhan, Jade Chan briefly became their queen when she tattooed her ankle with Tarakudo's face.

Season 3

In Sheep In, Sheep Out, Daolon Wong decided that he needed their help in the capture of Bob the Noble Sheep.

Season 4

In The Masks of the Shadowkhan, Chow summoned the Ninja Khan due to him wearing the Oni general's mask..

Powers and Abilities

The Ninja Khan are experts at Ninjutsu being able to to hold on their own with any professional martial artists in the world.

Just like all Shadowkhan, they can turn into and travel through shadow and have the ability to phase through solid matter.


Unlike most Shadowkhan, the Ninja Khan utilize various weapons, such as Shuriken stars and even sticks early in the series. That makes them the most versatile tribe of the Shadowkhan.

Their outfits possess capes that allow them to glide for a brief amount of time.


As versatile as they are, they are still made of shadow. With a strong hit their body could be destroyed and they would end up in the Shadow Realm to regenerate.

There are also various spells that can destroy them with a single shot.

Since the Shadowkhan are just servants to the Oni or an Oni wearer and not actual living creatures with thoughts, they can be easily tricked or distracted.

They do not have the ability to talk, so they cannot communicate with each other or their summoner.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

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