Ms. Kimber
Ms. Kimber
Personal Info
Race Human
General Info
Base of Operations Ms. Kimber's Psychic Shack
Occupation Psychic
TV Host
Debut/Closing Season 4 Episode 8
English C.C.H. Pounder

"Welcome to Ms. Kimber's Psychic Hotline where I reveal what the stars tell."
— Ms. Kimber

Ms. Kimber is a psychic and the host of the Psychic Hotline.


Ms. Kimber is a dark-skinned woman who's almost as tall as Jackie. She has dark green eyes and curly dark brown hair. She wears a violet and red dress, golden bracelets, violet stones as earrings, a necklace made of dark brown beads and a green headband.


Ms. Kimber is a casual and sassy woman who's not easy to unnerve. She regularly predicts correctly what people are about to say or do, saying that the stars tell her the future. While Uncle accuses her of being a fraud, she correctly tells what the required mask removal ingredient is, and she knows about Uncle's passion for oil painting, advising him to pursue it because "Uncle must take timeout for Uncle".

She's apparently a popular host, as Jade enthusiastically recognizes her set quickly when entering her shack, and she seems to see nothing wrong in earning money with her gifts. She also speaks with a southern accent.


When Jackie, Jade and Uncle search for the Oni Mask containing the Mini Khan general in a swamp, the Hana Fuda card leads them to Ms. Kimber's Psychic Shack. While Uncle is wary and thinks the shack to be full of dark magic, Jade quickly recognizes the set. When Uncle starts expressing his skepticism, Ms. Kimber appears and finishes his sentence while showing the voodoo dolls she has made of the trio. She then shows the Oni Mask put on display, but warns that it's Hak Foo who will possess it, showing a voodoo doll representing him. Hak Foo appears to claim the mask.

Uncle and Ms. Kimber are left in the shack while the others fight for the mask in boats. Uncle starts preparing for the mask removal spell, but is forced to admit that he doesn't know the key ingredient. Ms. Kimber offers to tell him the ingredient for only $9.50 per minute. This leads Uncle to call her a fraud and money grubber. While they argue, she advices him to move a bit to the left. He hears one of the boats approaching and moves just in time as the boat passes through the shack.

Later, when Uncle fruitlessly searches for the key ingredient in his shop, he happens to switch on the television. In the screen appears Ms. Kimber. Appearing to know that Uncle is talking to her, she advices him to call her so that she can tell him the ingredient. Eventually Uncle swallows his pride and calls her. Ms. Kimber not only tells Uncle the ingredient, but she also advices him to take timeout for himself (to pursue his true passion for oil painting), which he does.


Season 4

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