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General Info
Name Mordecai
Alias Noble Pig
Type Noble Animal
Talisman Pig Talisman
Ability Thermal Vision
Sign Pig
User Daolon Wong
First Appearance Season 3 Episode 6
Last Appearance Season 5 Episode 13

Mordecai is the Noble Pig who was empowered by the Pig Talisman's magical energy after the Twelve Talismans were destroyed, granting Mordecai the power of thermal heat-beam vision.

The power of Thermal Vision within Mordecai


Mordecai is a prize-winning hog from Arline, Kansas who came to the Chan's attention when he was featured in the local newspaper after winning a blue ribbon at a county fair. Jackie and Jade attempted to buy Mordecai off his owner, Farmer MacDonald, who refused because of Mordecai's abilities and because he deeper mistrusts "city folk". Jackie attempts to take Mordecai by sneaking to his sty at night, but fails to budge the large pig. Jackie then tries to carry Mordecai which causes him to activate his heat beam eyes out of fear. This prompts the fellow Noble Animal Eggbert to crow and wake up Farmer McDonald along with his two farm hands. After Eggbert is released from his cage, he meets up with Mordecai and the two proceed to take spree around town with Eggbert using his Rooster Talisman powers to levitate Mordecai as he sits on top of him, creating a literal flying pig. After raiding a pet store to feed, Eggbert and Mordecai then start rampaging before Farmer MacDonald takes both animals for himself. Daolon Wong then arrives and, despite the Chan's best efforts, he manages absorb the powers from both animals. Mordecai and Eggbert then live together on MacDonald's farm.

Later in Season 4, Mordecai, Eggbert, Super Moose, and Jade all assemble as the T-Troop to save Jade's dog Scruffy who had been possessed by an Oni Mask. Eggbert and Mordecai were both being powered by the newly made Rooster and Pig Talismans, respectively.

Mordecai appears again in the series finale, helping the J-Team and the T-Troop defeat Drago.


Despite being chosen by the Pig Talisman's power as the noblest descendant of its original owner, Mordecai was surprisingly aggressive when he possessed the power, often firing heat-beams at others threateningly.


Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • In Re-Enter the Dragon, Jade picks up a random pig from a zoo and aims it at Shendu, mistaking the pig with Mordecai. Jade likely did this out of panic, as she had witnessed Shendu extracting the powers of levitation and heat vision from Daolon Wong shortly after Wong resurrected Shendu earlier that night.
  • Mordecai can be briefly seen at the end of Black and White and Chi All Over when attending Jade's birthday party. This indicates that both Mordecai and Eggbert are rather close to Jade.
  • Mordecai is a 280lb Hampshire boar and is aged 2 years old by the time of his first appearance.