Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality Indian
General Info
Base of Operations India
Occupation Mystic
Guardian of India
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 23
English Quinton Flynn

"Oh, a do-gooder mystic. A psychic. Claims his mission is to protect India from evil magic."
— Portia Martindale describing Mohajah.

Mohajah is a benevolent mystic whose mission is to protect India from dark magic with the help of his psychic powers and his disciples.


Mohajah acts in a very cold and serious manner — making him appear as a red herring. Because of Mohajah's no-nonsense attitude and mind-reading powers, his disciples are fearful of disappointing him.


Mohajah sent three of his disciples to prevent Mr. Jumba from transporting the Sutras of Raktajiba to India and using it to drain the Ganges river to steal whatever treasures lie beneath. Jumba had Dr. Weber secretly attach the Sutras into Jackie Chan’s mouth during a dental appointment after fighting Mohajah's disciples. Jumba misled Jackie into believing that the disciples were thieves and that the Sutras were a mere myth before arriving to India to talk archaeology with Portia Martindale — Jumba's partner in crime.

This allowed Jumba to transport the Sutras to India without Mohajah suspecting him, using Jackie as a unknowing courier and putting Mohajah off-trail. Mohajah went after Jackie who managed to avoid his disciples long enough for Jumba, Weber and Portia to double-cross him and remove the Sutras from his mouth. The Sutras were then plunged into sewers where they made their way to the Ganges before Jackie and Jade managed to retrieve them before they could fall into the river. Jumba, Weber and Portia made it to the sewers and cornered Jade, who was holding the Sutras. Mohajah then arrived with his disciples and used his powers to immobilize the three villains. Now aware of his true intentions, Jackie handed the Sutras to Mohajah, who removed Jackie’s toothache as his way of thanking Jackie. However, he had to hit Jackie on his head due to relaying a message from Uncle.

Powers and Abilities

Mohajah is a powerful psychic who can perform a number of feats using his mental powers. When he uses his powers, he will place his fingers on his head and concentrate.

He has demonstrated the powers of telepathy (which he can only do at a close distance to his target), turning people into human statues through mind control, removing Jackie’s toothache by taking the painful sensation off his mind, predicting what Uncle will say in a phone call, and even knowing Uncle’s desire to give Jackie a two-fingered slap on the forehead.


Season 2

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