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Mini Khan
Mini Khan.png
Personal Info
Alias Shadow Eaters
Race Shadowkhan
Status Imprisoned in a Mask
Oni General General #8
General Info
Occupation Servant
Affiliation Tarakudo
Previous Affiliation Hak Foo
Debut/Closing Season 4 Episode 8

The Mini Khan or the Shadow Eaters are one of the nine tribes of the Shadowkhan. They were summoned by the Oni General #8 or the wearers of his mask.


The Mini Khan are the smallest of all Shadowkhan, looking like little sharks on legs. They are the only Shadowkhan without eyes. Once these Shadowkhan consume a someone's whole shadow, their mouths will become more apparent in appearance and they will gain two additional legs.

Powers and Abilities

They seem rather pathetic, that is, until they begin eating humans' shadows, causing them to grow progressively in size. With enough shadows to feed it, a single Mini Khan can grow as big as a skyscraper. If multiple Shadowkhan consume one whole shadow of a person, they will only grow as much as they ate as seen when three Shadowkhan ate Chow's shadow.

The smallest type of the Mini Khan has demonstrated remarkable jumping abilities.

Their strength comes through numbers in working together.

Just like all Shadowkhan, they can turn into and travel through shadow and have the ability to phase through solid matter.


The Mini Khan are made of shadow. With a strong hit their body could be destroyed and they would end up in the Shadow Realm to regenerate.

If they cannot consume shadow, they are rendered useless in a battle.

There are also various spells that can destroy them with a single shot.

Since the Shadowkhan are just servants to the Oni or an Oni wearer and not actual living creatures with thoughts, they can be easily tricked or distracted.

Because of not being able to talk, they cannot communicate with each other or the person who summons them.


Season 4