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Mickey 1.png
General Info
Name Mickey
Alias Noble Rat
Type Noble Animal
Talisman Rat Talisman
Ability Animation
Sign Rat
User Quetzalcoatl
Super Moose
First Appearance Season 3 Episode 4
Last Appearance Season 3 Episode 15

Mickey is the Noble Rat who was empowered by the Rat Talisman's magical energy after the Twelve Talismans were destroyed, granting Mickey the power of animation.

The power of Animation within Mickey


Mickey was first discovered in a Mayan temple concealed within an abandoned silver mine near the town of Nueva Plata in Mexico. However, the rat's power to bring motion to the motionless was activated, and a nearby statue of the Mexican sun god Quetzalcoatl was reanimated. He was brought to life until he was persuaded to return to his statue form by touching the rat again.


Season 3