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  • I live in World of the Living
  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Human
  • I am M
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  • It me FireSnow16, it been long sinc I seen u guys, and Jackie Chan Adventures Wikia is looking Awsome! So new here?

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    • Hmm, well. User:Oneofthosedf has been more active with editing then I have lately, so you should ask him about what you can do to help out around here. Thanks for coming back!

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  • Hey, I know it might sound weird but could you make me an admin? As you can see I have no intention of vandalizing the wiki. I want to make this place better. You are the only admin who is not inactive so I ask you.

    I would like to make this wiki similar to the Ben 10 wiki. I'm ranked #1 there with 44000 contributions. It used to be like this wiki a year ago. Since then I made drastic changes and made it a lot better.

    Just so I could delete images, pages, categories redirects, templates, etc.

    Thank you beforehands

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  • This is for personal reference, but if anyone out there sees this and wants to help out, feel free!

    • Fix main page format
    • Finalize design (multi browser, word banner, change favicon?)
    • Navigation tabs---all links work
    • Create Manuel of Style
    • Enhance the forum
    • Create custom badges and enable on wiki.
    • Navigation boxes and categories (create guidelines)
    • Admin templates, decorated user templates?
    • Deleted pages and redirect pages project
    • Remove copyrighted material (videos)
    • Picture Quality project
    • Uniform infobox project
    • Build articles (video games, episodes, magazines, and "ask Jackie" interviews esp. Add missing articles: animals, objects, locations, etc.)
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