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Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality British
Status Deceased
General Info
Base of Operations Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Previous Occupation Mayor
Affiliation Shendu
Hong Kong Kid
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 12
English Julian Sands
You may be looking for a different mayor.

The Mayor of Black Rock was the corrupt official of a town in the Old West who was also secretly working for Shendu. The Mayor was envisioned as Valmont (and by extension, his lackeys as Enforcers Finn and Ratso) in Jackie's telling of the novel The Hong Kong Kid.


The Mayor hired the Hong Kong Kid as the new sheriff to act as a patsy, having gotten rid of the previous one. He believed his clumsy nature would not interfere with his evil plans, telling him that he was hired because railroad workers make the best sheriffs. However, the new sheriff proved to be not only competent, but very effective at his job.

The Mayor attempted to rob a government wagon filled with gold, antiques and most importantly the Horse Talisman for Shendu. Though the plan was ruined when the sheriff managed to stop his men from stealing the loot. They returned to the Mayor and Shendu without the gold, but not empty-handed as they stole one of the horses (mistaking it for the talisman). The Mayor resolved to get rid of the sheriff with the help of Shendu who enchanted his men's items. Despite their magical weapons, the sheriff defeated both of his men. The Mayor then came out holding a double-barrelled shotgun, but it was destroyed when the Old Peddler cast some of his good-for-digestion elixir at it. The Mayor and his men were then arrested and jailed.


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