General Info
Name Lucky
Alias Rabbit Talisman
Type Noble Animal
Ability Super Speed
Sign Rabbit
User Jade Chan
First Apperance Season 3 Episode 7
Last Appearance Season 3 Episode 15

"Lucky's more than Lucky, he's ... Magic. "
— Chip

Lucky is the Noble Rabbit who was empowered by the Rabbit Talisman's magical energy after the Twelve Talismans were destroyed, granting Lucky the power of super-speed. He was the mascot of the Warren Oaks High school football team, in Douglas, Wyoming, USA, "Home of the Jackalope."


Jade followed Chip to Lucky's cage, where she "liberated" him and he was released onto the streets. Lucky was given to the Chan Clan by the Coach. What happened after his power was drained by Shendu is unknown. However, it is possible that Jade kept him like she did with Scruffy, possibly Ruby and Mickey.


Season 3


  • Some rabbits do have a condition where they have small bumps on their heads like antlers.
  • Lucky and Royal Medicine are the only two noble animals to wear clothes, Lucky wearing a Jersey and fake antlers, while Royal Medicine wore saddle blinders and a muzzle.
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