Lost City of the Muntabs
Season 2 Episode 10
Episode 23
General Information
Setting City of the Muntabs
Aired on October 22, 2001
Production Number 23
Written by Patti Carr
Lara Runnels
Directed by Chap Yaep
Produced by Michael Goguen & Dean Stefan
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Lost City of the Muntabs is the twenty-third episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jackie guides a wealthy museum supporter on a expedition to find the remnants of the Muntabs. They discover the Muntabs aren't extinct.


In exchange for his recent donation to the museum Jackie is employed by, Jackie and Jade guide the wealthy-and oblivious-John Smith and his butler Larsen through a South American jungle. Their goal: the Lost City of the Muntabs, an ancient civilization rumored to have possessed great secrets of longevity.




Voice Talent


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, October 22, 2001
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, May 11, 2002


  • Jade refers to John Smith and Larsen as Frick and Frack, a nod to an ice-skating comedy duo.
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