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Li Tieguai
Li Tieguai.png
Personal Info
Full Name Li Tieguai
Alias Tieguai Li
Race Human
Birthdate 1279
Date of Death 1368
Age 89
Nationality Chinese
Status Unknown
Symbol Jade Tablet
Demon Tchang Zu
General Info
Base of Operations China
Occupation Immortal
Team Eight Immortals
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 2

The Immortal Li Tieguai, patron of acting and theater. His symbol is the castanets. He is the Immortal who banished Tchang Zu to the Netherworld.

Li Tieguai was an actual figure from Taoist mythology. He is sometimes considered the leader of the Immortals. As he studied with Lao Tzu, his spirit had to ascend into heaven. Li told his apprentice that if his spirit was not back in seven days the apprentice must cremate Li's body. However, the apprentice had to leave early, so he cremated the body at six and a half days. When Li's spirit returned, it had to enter the body of a beggar who had died moments before. Lao Tzu appeared, and gave him a gourd that could cure all sickness, but Li's new body remained maimed despite the gourd, and had to walk with a magical Iron Crutch that would never rust or break. He is the symbol of medicine, and is always shown with his gourd.


Season 2