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Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality British
General Info
Occupation Manservant
Affiliation John Smith
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 10
English Oliver Muirhead

Larsen is John Smith's manservant who has been working for him for many years.


Larsen was very subservient to John, often blandly complimenting him and obeying his every order with little to no restraint or enthusiasm. Larsen didn't appear to be truly bad, but was only interested in fulfilling Smith's orders as he was unwilling to cut the ladder Jackie Chan was holding onto off Smith's helicopter but did so because Smith forced him to.


Larsen was made to carry Smith's baggage and take photos of wildlife during their expedition to the Lost City of the Muntabs.

When Smith stole the Chalice of Life and planned to use it to make himself immortal, Larsen offered to give it a taste test in order to make sure it's safe. Smith declined and drank from the Chalice first, but let Larsen take a sip as he wanted his butler to serve him indefinitely (which Larsen was less enthusiastic about).

After the helicopter Smith used to escape the jungle crashed into a lake, the $4000 dollar camera Larsen used to take photos was ruined and Smith decided to dock Larsen's wages for the next 75 years to make up for it. As this happened, the two began de-aging rapidly until they both became infants. Larsen then unfortunately had to change Smith's diaper.


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