Personal Info
Full Name Laurence
Alias Spectacularry (temporarily)
Race Human
Earth Demon (temporarily)
Nationality American
Family Unnamed Mother
General Info
Base of Operations Comic Shop
Occupation Comic Shop Clerk
Comic Book Writer
Debut/Closing Season 5 Episode 7
English Robbie Rist

Larry is Jade's friend who works at a comic book shop. He temporarily absorbed Dai Gui's Demon Chi, which transformed him into an Earth Demon.


Larry is a comic book fan who wishes to be a hero of his own story. Larry is eventually granted his wish when he absorbs the Earth Demon chi and is then confronted by Drago and the Ice Crew who want his chi. With the help of the Chans and his new powers, Larry manages to escape from Drago and immediately pursues his dream of being a superhero by the name of Spectacularry. However, he does more harm than good and refuses to believe that he quickly transforming into a demon sorcerer.


Larry with Dai Gui's Chi.

Larry attends a comic-book convention to show off his powers and costume, but is once again confronted by Drago and his lackeys. Larry almost completely transforms into the Earth Demon and uses his powers against Drago as well as the Chans as they attempt to extract the chi. Jade then manages to convince Larry to give up his powers when he realizes the damage he's caused. Larry now sells his own comic book titled "The Adventures of Spectacularry with his sidekick Larina", using Jade as his inspiration for Larina. During the battle with Drago, he briefly referred to Jackie as "Larry Lad."


Season 5

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