Lan Caihe
Lan Caihe
Personal Info
Full Name Lan Caihe
Race Human
Nationality Chinese
Status Unknown
Symbol Flower
Demon Dai Gui
General Info
Base of Operations China
Occupation Immortal
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 2

The Immortal Lan Caihe, patron of minstrels. His symbol is a flower. He is the Immortal who banished Dai Gui to the Netherworld.


  • Although, Lan is depicted as male in the series, Lan's gender has never been truly established.
  • Lan was often depicted as a young teenager. His behavior is often eccentric, a heavy drinker, performing music and gets money, only to drop it and have other beggars pick the coins up.
  • In Chinese mythology, his tool is a basket of fruit.


Season 2


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