Lü Dongbin
Lü Dongbin
Personal Info
Full Name Lü Dongbin
Race Human
Birthdate 796
Nationality Chinese
Status Unknown
Symbol Sword
Demon Shendu
General Info
Base of Operations China
Occupation Immortal
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 2

The Immortal Lü Dongbin, patron of scholars. His symbol is a sword. He is the Immortal who banished Shendu to the Netherworld.

However, there is some confusion about this because the warrior Lo Pei is known to have scattered the Talismans and trapped Shendu in a rock body. Perhaps Shendu was banished, escaped, and then was defeated by Lo Pei.

Lü Dongbin was an actual figure from Taoist mythology. He was perhaps the leader of the Eight Immortals. He underwent 10 trials by the Immortal Zhongli Quan in order to become an Immortal.


Season 2


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