King Lili
Personal Info
Race Human
General Info
Base of Operations Tangra
Occupation The King of Tangra
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 24
English Chantal Strand
King Lili is the child king of Tangra who befriends Jade Chan when Jackie is assigned to bodyguard him during his stay in San Francisco.


Captain Black assigns Jackie to look after King Lili as he tours San Francisco on business. While Lili wishes to explore the city and all its wonders, his royal tutor Chaktra reminds him of his royal duties. During his ceremony at city hall, Lili is attacked by a couple of men who Jackie takes care of. Lili then has to stayed locked in his chamber for 4 hours. He shortly meets Jade, who was secretly riding along with them using the Snake Talisman. Jade then lets him see it, but he uses it to escape his chamber undetected and go sight-seeing.

Now that King Lili has "pulled a Jade", Jade runs after him and quickly uncovers his location by slashing soda on him. Jade forces the Talisman off him and Lili tells her how he - as the king - is unable to enjoy himself like normal kids do. Jade then takes Lili on the "J-Line Tour" and two do things like playing in a playground, playing basketball, seeing the Golden Gate bridge and playing baseball at Bayview stadium.

Jackie and Chaktra then arrive after being alerted about the King's disappearance, but he is promptly kidnapped by men use him in a ransom to get the crown jewels. Jade notices a mark at the back of Chaktra's neck which resembles the serpent tattoos worn by the kidnappers, and disrupts the trade between him and the kidnappers. However, its revealed that Chaktra's tattoo is actually of a monkey and is not related to the kidnappers. It was actually one of Lili's other subjects that is working against him in hopes of pawning the crown jewels, using the funds to train an elite fighting team and takeover the kingdom. Jade uses the Snake Talisman to take out one of Lili's kidnappers, and Lili convinces the other that he has mental powers which makes him flee in terror. Jackie then defeats the traitorous one. Jackie and Jade are later awarded the Star of Tangra for their heroism, while Jade and Lili agree to visit each other in the future.


Season 2

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