"Chinese vampire drains chi, life energy, from the prey, making the vampire stronger and turning their victims into servants."
Uncle Chan

Episode 48
Personal Info
Full Name Kiang-Shi
Alias Jiangshi
Chi Vampire
Race Vampire
Nationality Chinese
Status Deceased
Weakness Sunlight
General Info
Base of Operations Abandoned Castle
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 35
English George Cheung

The Kiang-Shi, also known as the Chi Vampire, is an undead Chinese monster capable of sucking the chi (life energy) out of people, and turning them into his vampire slaves.


In its weak state, the Kiang-Shi appears as a pale, emaciated human with pointed ears and fangs.


In an abandoned castle where Uncle was acquiring rare antiques, Jade accidentally awakens the Kiang-Shi, which sucks out Tohru's, Jade's, and Uncle's chi. In a chi transfusion (similar to a blood transfusion, but different), Tohru gets a part of Jade's and Jade a part of Uncle's, making the recipient behave much like the donor. But when Uncle himself is affected, no one knows how to effect the magic for the transfer, and so Uncle becomes a vampire slave.

The only way to reclaim the chi is to find a toadstool in a graveyard, place it in the vampire's left sock, and throw it into a river before sunrise; otherwise, the chi will remain lost forever. The Kiang-Shi sets out to stop the Chans as soon as it learns of their intentions, but loses its socks and the chi it stole. As the sun rises, the Kiang-Shi is blasted into dust.

Powers and Abilities

The Kiang-Shi is capable of sucking out people's chi to strengthen itself. The more chi it consumes, the stronger it becomes; its physique increases in size and mass, and it obtains the capability of speech (in its weakened form, it is mute).

When it absorbs enough life energy, it can shed its blindness and pursue its victims even more effectively. It is capable of flight, and it states that, with enough chi, it is even capable of withstanding the sun. However, because of the untimely demise of the Kiang-Shi, however, his statement remains to be verified.


The Kiang-Shi is blind, so he sniffs to find his target by the smell of their breath. This, however, is nullified if he absorbs enough chi.

Uncle mentions that the Kiang-Shi cannot cross a river or any body of running water.

Attaching a special parchment spell (an enchanted note of paper) to the Kiang-Shi or a transformed victim will immobilize their whole body, except for their mouth.

In order to regain stolen chi from the Kiang-Shi, one must steal his left sock, place a mushroom in it, and throw it into a river.

The Kiang-Shi can be destroyed by sunlight, unless he absorbs enough chi.


Season 2


  • Kiang-Shi is the second and final villain to be permanently killed, first being the Chupacabra. Interestingly enough, both were destroyed by sunlight.
  • Kiang-Shi is based on the Chinese vampires of the same name, known as Jiangshi (殭屍) in Mandarin pinyin. "Kiang-shi" is an old variant romanization, but is used for this character in the series.
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