Karl Nivor
Personal Info
Full Name Karl Nivor
Race Human
Nationality American
General Info
Occupation Doctor
Affiliation Valmont
Debut/Closing Season 1 Episode 6
English Ron Perlman

"Boris, that braised manatee you prepared last night was absolutely exquisite. And the grilled American condor with a bit of fava beans (slurps his mouth) die for. Don't forget the carrots."
— Karl Nivor

Dr. Karl Nivor is a wealthy food connoisseur who pays large sums of money to get his hands on endangered animals so that he can eat them for dinner, specially prepared by his own personal chef, Boris.


After the Enforcers kidnapped the rare tortoise Aesop (due to the Rabbit Talisman being embedded in his shell), Valmont contacted his friend Nivor to profit from the tortoise. After receiving the animal, Nivor quickly had his chef prepare Aesop to dine on from within his private yacht.

When Jade learnt that Aesop was going to be dinner, she prioritized Aesop's rescue over the Talisman hunt. Jade snuck onto the yacht, but was quickly caught and locked inside a cupboard. However, Jackie soon rescued her and Jade rescued Aesop by reattaching the Rabbit Talisman to him and speeding out of the yacht to land. Nivor witnessed this alongside various Shadowkhan and uttered to them "anyone for leftovers?".


Season 1


  • His name is an obvious pun of the word "Carnivore" which means "meat eater."
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