Personal Info
Full Name Mr. Jumba
Race Human
Nationality Indian
General Info
Occupation Museum Curator
Affiliation Dr. Weber
Portia Martindale
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 23
English Dan Castellaneta

Mr. Jumba is the curator of an Indian museum who worked alongside Dr. Weber and Portia Martindale to use the Sutras of Raktajiba to drain the Ganges river and take any treasures they can find below.


Jumba hired Jackie Chan to transport some photos to a colleague of his at an archaeology conference at Calcutta. When Jackie arrived to retrieve the photos, he found Jumba being accosted by Mohajah's disciples wanting the Sutras. The disciples attacked Jackie who fended them off while Jumba tried to use a large Kali statue to help, hitting Jackie (seemingly) by accident. Jumba assured Jackie that the Sutras did not exist and directed him to his dentist Dr. Weber to treat his toothache sustained from his injury. Mohajah confronted Jumba at the airport and learnt the location of the Sutras by reading his mind, turning his attention to Jackie.

As Jackie managed to evade Mohajah's disciples, Jumba and his accomplices, Dr. Weber and Portia, captured Jackie using a sleeping gas and removed the filling Weber had placed earlier, revealing to Jackie that the filling was the Sutras and that they were using him as an unwilling courier. Jackie attempted to take the Sutras off them, but ended up throwing them down the sink, accidentally sending them on their way to the sewers and eventually the river. Jumba and his accomplices cornered Jade in the sewers when she prevented the Sutras from falling in the river. However, the three where immobilized by Mohajah and probably later arrested.


Season 2

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