John Smith
Personal Info
Full Name John Smith
Race Human
Nationality American
General Info
Affiliation Jackie Chan
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 10
English Dan Gilvezan

"And Smith will be immortal? Two thousand plus years of obnoxiousness? Yuck!"
Jade Chan

John Smith is a wealthy man who accompanied Jackie and Jade Chan in an expedition to find the lost city of the Muntabs in order to uncover their secrets of longevity.


The Chans guided Smith and his manservant Larsen through the jungle to find the lost city of Muntabs. Despite Smith's obnoxious personality and the fact that his dawdling caused the group to be attacked by a panther, Jackie was obligated to fulfill his wishes because of the monetary support he provided to museums. Using a map he paid fortunes on, Smith discovered the location of the ancient city which they initially thought was non-existent before they uncovered the magical cloak around it.

Smith attempted to bargain with the Muntab chief to reveal the city's secret behind their immortality, but he rejected his offer. However, Smith quickly realized that the key to their eternal youth was the Chalice of Life, so he stole it and organized a helicopter to pick him and Larsen up.

Smith drank from the chalice and allowed his manservant to drink too so that he can keep serving him forever. Jackie grabbed onto the helicopter ladder to broad the vehicle so Smith had Larson cut the ladder off, but Jackie managed to enter the cockpit in time and push out the lone operator. Smith shoved Jackie off the seat, causing him to land on the operating stick and break it. Jackie offered the two parachutes to escape safely, but Smith declined due to his newly-acquired immortality before throwing the chalice out into the jungle and kicking Jackie off the helicopter.

The helicopter then crashes into a pond where both Smith and his manservant physically regress back into infants. As Smith enjoys his new found youth he announces to Larson that he needs his diaper changed, to which the other merely groans in response.


Season 2

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