Young Jimmy
Personal Info
Nickname Jimmy
Alias Iso
Race Human
Nationality American
General Info
Base of Operations Middle School
Occupation Student
Tohru's apprentice
Affiliation Jade Chan
Debut/Closing Season 5 Episode 11
English Sam Riegel

Jimmy is one of Jade's friends, who, in a possible future, grew up to be Tohru's apprentice but ended up becoming the infamous dark chi wizard Iso. He had the power to create a metal serpent and summon dark chi warriors called Iso's.


Jimmy was treated like a "freakoid" at school. After he couldn't get his bag out of a tree, Jade helped him and decided to bring him to crowd where he would fit in: her family, who were busy trying to locate the other half of the Chi Arcanum.

Years later, Jimmy grew up to be Tohru's apprentice. But seduced by dark chi, he took on an alter ego of Iso, becoming number one on Section 13's most wanted list. Using a time portal spell, he traveled to the past, to a few minutes after Jade introduced him to her family and snatched the current half of the Arcanum. But past Jade followed him and, with her future self, found Iso's lair and took the other half back. After destroying the shopping mall where his lair was located, Jade was fired from Section 13. But in his Jimmy persona, he tricked the two Jades into getting the other half of the Arcanum on Eagle's Peak, which he combines, revealing himself as Iso.

He didn't blame Tohru for not noticing, merely Jade for introducing them and allowing this moment to occur. Enhanced by the Arcanum, Iso conjured up an army of Iso's to take down the Chans. But past Jade went back to the present and got past Jimmy to return to the future with her; there he saw his older self, and was horrified at what type of person he'd become. Jade reassured him and he confessed he was afraid of heights; with the help of the Rooster Talisman, past Jade lifts Iso into the air, frightening him.

When he was being arrested, past Jimmy went up to his future self and firmly declared that, while he may be a "freakoid" now, he refused to ever become an evil loser like him. He and Jade took the Arcanum into the past to be destroyed.

It is likely that Jimmy never went onto become Iso, which would cause his future self to cease to exist.

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