Jackie Chan Adventures Magazine 38
Amazing T-Girl!
Jackie Chan Issue 38
General Information
Number 38
Date February 2, 2005
Episode The Amazing T-Girl
Pages 24
Format stapled
Publisher Eaglemoss International Ltd
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Amazing T-Girl! is the thirty-eighth issue of the comics.


The J Files

Manga Master

  • How to draw Uncle's face

Martial Arts

  • Secrets of the Martial Arts - O & P

Demon Zone

  • Alarming Africans - Haiuri, Tikoloshe, Tokelosh, Adroanzi

Weird World

  • Save Your Energy

Spy Search

  • Skull Island!

The J-Team

  • By Pharaoh Means or Foul!

Puzzle Quest

  • How smart are you?
  • Are you a super sleuth?

One More Thing

  • Jade's Adventures #38


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