Jackie Chan Adventures Magazine 15
We've Been Robbed!
Jackie Chan Issue 15
General Information
Number 15
Date March 17, 2004
Episode The Stronger Evil
Pages 24
Format stapled
Publisher Eaglemoss International Ltd
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We've Been Robbed! is the fifteenth issue of the comics.


The J Files

Manga Master

Martial Arts

  • Secrets of Praying Mantis Part 1

Demon Zone

  • Werewolves and their Kin! - Werewolves, Leopard Warriors, The Cult of Lykaon, Alphonse

Weird World

  • China

Spy Search

  • Museum Mayhem!

The J-Team

  • Playland Perils

Puzzle Quest

  • How smart are you?
  • Jade’s Challenge Quiz

One More Thing

  • Jade's Adventures #15

Secret Files

Free Gifts

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