Jackie Chan Adventures Magazine was a fortnightly magazine that ran for 80 issues and 2 Specials from 2003 to 2006. It was published by Eaglemoss International Ltd and priced at £0.99 for the first issue and £1.99 for subsequent issues.


It compiled various stories in comic book format. The magazine also contained various puzzles, quizzes and games based on the TV series. There was a free gift with each issue, alternating between a pack of 10 Trading Cards and metal talisman or amulet every third issue.

The magazine had two websites:


All but 15 episodes were reproduced in comic book form. The episodes which weren't included were - Danger in the Deep Freeze, Into the Mouth of Evil, The Lotus Temple, The Return of the Pussycat, The King and Jade, Pleasure Cruise, Glove Story, Tough Luck, Shrink Rap, Chi of the Vampire, The Good, the Bad, the Blind, the Deaf and the Mute, The Warrior Incarnate, Snake Hunt, A Jolly J-Team X-Mas and Deja Vu.


Some examples of the free gifts included in various issues

  • Trading Cards
    Topleft tin-01
    Code-Breakers card 1
  • Collectors tin & Special Code-Breaker card with Issue 2
  • Large Posters
  • Chinese Zodiac based Metallic "Replica" talismans ("as seen in the series")
  • EXCLUSIVE BAG: A trendy black bag just right for your sports kit.
  • BANDANNA: Keep the powers of evil at bay with this dragon talisman bandanna.
  • TALISMAN BELT: Tie on this belt, clip on the Talismans of the powers you want and let nothing get in your way!
  • CARD ALBUM: Exclusive Jackie Chan Adventures Card Album – the perfect way to store your favourite 42 cards.
  • DRAGON RING: Have the power of the dragon in your hands with this amazing dragon ring.
  • MAGAZINE TIDY BOX: Keep all your magazines in order with this fantastic Tidy Box.
  • PADLOCK FOR COLLECTION TIN: If you reply within 10 days you will also receive a silver padlock to securely protect the items in your Collection Tin.

Subscribers to said magazine were also provided with bonuses such as a 'Jackie chan Adventures' head-band (featuring the series logo),a 'Jackie Chan Adventures' sports bag and a ring with the series' "Chinese Dragon" logo on it.


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