Jackie Chan Adventures is a PlayStation 2 (PS2) video game, based on the Jackie Chan Adventures animated television series. It was released in October 1, 2004 in Europe only.


The story is a mix of Seasons 1 and 2 of Jackie Chan Adventures and follows the Demon Sorcerers, led by Shendu, the Demon of Fire. The eight demons were banished to the Demon Netherworld by the Eight Immortals using the magic of the Pan'ku Box. In present times, the Dark Hand, led by Valmont, are using the Pan'ku Box to unleash the demons upon the world. However, Jackie Chan, his niece Jade Chan, and their Uncle are willing to stop the demons from returning to the planet. The heroes, also known as the J-Team, search for the magical 12 Talismans as well.


Main Protagonists

Secondary Protagonists

Main Antagonists

Secondary Antagonists


  • Fishing Guy
  • Auctioneer



# Level
1 Prologue
Uncle sends Jackie to Mexico to retrieve three Talismans from a Mayan temple. Jackie successfully recovers the Rabbit and Rooster Talismans, but fails to find the Ox. In the nearby village, however, Jackie discovers that the missing Talisman is embedded in the championship belt of El Toro Fuerte, a famous professional wrestler.
2 The Way of the Sheep
Jackie is introduced to Section 13 by his old friend Captain Black, who sends him to retrieve two additional Talismans from a Japanese castle. After recovering the Sheep and Tiger Talismans, Jackie is confronted by Valmont and his Enforcers, who proceed to release Po Kong, the Mountain Demon.
3 Monkey in the Big House
Captain Black sends Jackie to eavesdrop on a secret Dark Hand meeting at their warehouse hideout in Fisherman's Wharf. Whilst attempting to tag along, Jade is kidnapped by Valmont and taken to Alcatraz Island where she is held captive. Jackie pursues them to the prison where he frees Jade and later recovers the Monkey Talisman. Inside a set of caverns beneath the facility, Jackie recovers the Pig Talisman whilst the Dark Hand attempt to release Xiao Fung, the Wind Demon.
4 2004: A Space Oddity
Section 13 sends Jackie to the Moon to retrieve two additional Talismans. After crash landing in a crater, Jackie stumbles upon the entrance to a temple where he recovers the Horse and Rat Talismans from inside. Eventually, Jackie is confronted by Valmont accompanied by Hak Foo, who proceed to release Tso Lan, the Moon Demon.
5 Faces of the Dragon
Captain Black sends Jackie to a small coastal village in Spain to retrieve two additional Talismans. Jade successfully persuades Jackie to allow her to tag along when they are informed that there have been no Dark Hand sightings in the area. Jackie manages to recover the Dog Talisman after gaining access to a hidden tunnel concealed beneath the town square, and later recovers the Dragon Talisman from inside a castle overlooking the village after defeating Valmont's newest Enforcer, Tohru, who subsequently joins forces with Jackie. Meanwhile, Valmont proceeds to release Dai Gui, the Earth Demon.
6 Enter the Viper
Uncle sends Jackie to retrieve the twelfth and final Talisman, which is revealed to be on public display at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. Captain Black warns Jackie that someone else is planning to steal the Talisman. Upon infiltrating the building and sneaking past security, Jackie eventually reaches the room exhibiting the Snake Talisman, upon which he is confronted by a thief named Viper, who, to Jackie's surprise, is not affiliated with the Dark Hand. Viper and Jackie fight over the Talisman, whereupon Jackie emerges victorious. Outside the building, however, Valmont and his Enforcers prepare to release Tchang Zu, the Thunder Demon.
7 Big Ball Brawl
When Jackie returns to the shop after being sent on an errand by Uncle, the Dark Hand are revealed to have ransacked the building. Uncle informs Jackie that Valmont has once again kidnapped Jade and is holding her at a baseball stadium in South Beach. When Jackie arrives to her rescue, however, Valmont releases Hsi Wu, the Sky Demon.
8 The New Atlantis
Uncle sends Jackie to investigate a disturbance coming from the Dark Hand's hideout in Fisherman's Wharf. Upon arriving at the warehouse, Jackie witnesses Valmont and his Enforcers release Bai Tza, the Water Demon.
9 The Eighth Door
Jackie travels to Hong Kong to prevent Valmont from opening the eighth and final portal belonging to Shendu, the Fire Demon.
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