The J-Team is a group of friends and associates put together by Jade Chan to fight crime. Its first letter is a reference to either Jackie or Jade.

The group was assembled at the start of season 2 and make recurring appearances throughout the series.



Originally, the team members got separately acquainted to Jackie and Jade during the their first quest for Shendu's talisman. The team was organized when Shendu, as a ghost, accidentally possessed Valmont and went after the Pan'ku Box. Since Valmont's Enforcer lackeys were armed with Shendu's talisman at that time, Jade realized that reinforcements were needed, and summoned Viper and El Toro for assistance. Despite Jackie's objections, the additional help proved highly useful in battling the Enforcers, though the team was unable to prevent the Box from being stolen (although they managed to regain the talisman in the bout).

The J-Team was later assembled again on multiple occasions to deal with threats such as the Demon Sorcerers, Bartholomew Chang and the Chang Gang, Daolon Wong, Tarakudo and the Oni Generals, and Drago.


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