Personal Info
Full Name Hoyle
Race Human
Nationality British
General Info
Occupation Mercenary
Affiliation Dr. Necrosis
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 18
English Greg Ellis

Hoyles is the loyal and deadly henchman of Dr. Necrosis. Hoyle also worked as the supervisor of the doomsday device's built.


Hoyle is a tall, Caucasian man who dresses similarly as a magician. He has blue eyes and a sharp nose. He has brown hair, a mullet which is curled up in the back and a goatee. He wears black pants and shirt with a magenta scarf. He has a purple jacket, shoes and sunglasses. He also wears white gloves.


Hoyle tends to make card puns in most of his sentences which can be annoying for both his allies and enemies.


In Agent Tag, Dr. Necrosis identified their intruder as Taggart McStone and sent Hoyle to finish him. Necrosis wanted his face undamaged but Hoyles demonstrating his powers cut a vase into halves, saying that he can't promise that.

When Jackie tried to take the Druid stone, he fought him and successfully trapped him. However, after Jackie escaped Hoyle was overpower as Jackie used a mop to absorb his cards and get closer to him. Although, he managed to trap Jackie again in a tornado, Jade put a bucket on his head which made him lose concentration and allowed Jackie to knock him unconscious.

Powers and Abilities

Hoyle can telekinetically control cards.

He also possesses great acrobatic skills.


He has multiple technologically enhanced decks of steel-sharp cards which he uses as weapons. These cards can create an electric tornado while spinning around.


Hoyle has to pay attention to his target and his cards in order to maintain the psychic link with them. If he is distracted the link breaks.


Season 2

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