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Hong Kong Kid
Personal Info
Alias Sheriff Jackie
Race Human
Nationality Chinese
Status Deceased
Family The Niece (niece)
Jackie Chan (great-great grandson)
General Info
Base of Operations Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Previous Occupation Railroad worker
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 12
English James Sie
Japanese Hiroya Ishimaru
Hungarian Háda János

"You know what they say; railroad workers always make the best sheriffs."
— Hong Kong Kid

The Hong Kong Kid, also known as Sheriff Jackie, is the titular character of the old western novel The Hong Kong Kid, possibly inspired by Jackie Chan's great-great-grandfather who he shared a strong resemblance with.


The Hong Kong Kid was a native of Hong Kong who settled in America where he originally worked as a railroad worker. Following a hard day's work, he visited a local café for a glass of ginger ale but was immediately driven out due to his status. The Mayor of the town then appointed him the new Sheriff because he needed someone foolish enough not to interfere in his evil plans.

The new Sheriff soon earned the respect of the townspeople due to his bravery and heroism. Contrary to the Mayor's assumption, the Hong Kong Kid proved to be the town's most efficient law enforcer. He had his niece go over to the Mayor to help repair the town's prison cell. At the Mayor's office, the niece overheard his plot to perform a heist and tipped off the sheriff, who merely dismissed it. Regardless, the Hong Kong Kid got roped into the Mayor's plot when he caught two of the Mayor's men stealing a government carriage filled with rare artifacts. He stopped the robbery and was then sent a message instructing him to have a showdown with "the bad guys".

The Hong Kong kid asked the Mayor's men to dispose of their firearms so that they could have a "fair fight", but didn't expect their use of magic. Nevertheless, he was the victor. The Mayor attempted to shoot him with a double-barreled shotgun, but his weapon was dissolved by an old peddler armed with a bottle of Shanghai Surprise. With the bad guys locked up, everyone rejoiced at their new sheriff's success and even those who mistreated him as a railroad worker apologized. The Hong Kong kid then gave up his badge to a fellow railroad worker who had risked his life to warn him of the Enforcer's magic weapons. He decided to become a railroad worker again, but was forced to continue fighting crime in other towns, along with his niece and the old peddler.


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