Half a Mask of Kung-Fu
Season 4 Episode 7
Episode 76
General Information
Setting San Francisco, USA
Aired on November 1, 2003
Production Number 76
Written by David Slack
Directed by David Hartman
Produced by Frank Squillace
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Half a Mask of Kung-Fu is the seventy-sixth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


The Chans and the Dark Hand try to buy an Oni Mask offered on an online auction. Although neither of them wins, the winning bidder is familiar to both sides. The mask is split during a fight. Each side possess half a mask, but the mask does not want to be separated.




Voice Talent


Jackie: (finds a card with a picture of a man and a rocking chair, along with a website located below it, which he reads) ‘WWW dot Alfie’s Antique Auctions dot com’? Ohh... bad day.

Uncle: WWW dot what dot who? (gives Jackie a two-fingered slap on his forehead)
Jackie: Ow!
Uncle: Uncle send you to find Oni mask, and you return with gibberish?
Jade: Hello? It’s not gibberish. It’s a site on the Web.
Uncle: Ooh, the mask has been taken by giant spider?
Jade: The World Wide Web. It’s for sale on the Internet.

Jade: Valmont? You’re Filthyrich1? But you’re not rich — just filthy. Roomy place you got here.
Valmont: I may be broke, but I still have my resources — and I’ve caught wind of your little ‘quest’. Once I have my Oni Mask in hand, I shall control an army of Shadowkhan thieves and the riches of the world will be mine!

Finn: (along with Ratso and Chow) Valmont? (by himself) You’re Filthyrich1?
Ratso: But you’re not rich.
Valmont: I am fully aware of the irony!

Valmont: It’s MINE! I bought it fair and square... with stolen money.

Valmont: What am I saying? Money is everything to me!
Oni Mask: No, power is what I crave.
Valmont: Yes, because it can be used to acquire money!
Oni Mask: Power!
Valmont: Money!
Oni Mask: Power!
Valmont: Money!
Oni Mask: Power!
Valmont: Money!
Oni Mask: Power!
Valmont: Money!


  • Finn's auction username, FINNHALEN, is the same as one of the names proposed for his crime syndicate in "Tough Luck."


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, November 1, 2003
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