Personal Info
Race Human
Nationality Scottish
General Info
Occupation Pirate
Affiliation Angus McCutcheon
Debut Season 2 Episode 33
Closing Season 5 Episode 7
English Victor Brandt

Haggis is Angus McCutcheon's sidekick.


Haggis is rather dim-witted. When Jackie told Angus that Greenbeard's treasure belongs in a museum, Haggis thought that his name was "Museum". Haggis acts somewhat like an animal, attacking his enemies by latching onto them and biting them.


Haggis rode Angus' ship into the cave where Greenbeard's ship was located. When Jackie Chan tried to take Greenbeard's treasure for them, Angus ordered Haggis to take care of him, though Haggis was no match for Jackie. Haggis tried to catch Jackie up the ship's rope ladder, but Jackie managed to tie him up with some nearby rope. Angus then cut the rope ladder which caused Haggis to fall down close to a cannon. Haggis tried to use it to defeat Jackie, but ended up destroying Angus' ship instead.

Angus and Haggis later tried to steal the treasure at the museum. Jackie and Tohru fought the pirates whilst each wearing one of Greenbeard's enchanted gloves. Under the control of the glove, Tohru threw Haggis into the mouth of a saber-toothed tiger display. The pirates were then arrested afterwards.

Angus encountered Jackie once again when he and Haggis teamed up with 3 other enemies to get the Silver Iguana of Awramba. The pirates and the other three chased after him, only for Jackie to get rescued by Jade in a hang-glider.


Season 2

Season 5

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