Personal Info
Full Name Gnomekop
Race Troll
Status Broke
General Info
Base of Operations San Francisco, USA
Debut/Closing Season 1 Episode 10
English Brian Doyle-Murray

Gnomekop is a toy that was given motion by the Rat Talisman just like Super Moose. However, unlike Super Moose, Gnomekop only thinks about destroying his sworn enemy, Turbo Troll.


Gnomekop is a fictional character in Jackie Chan Adventures. He was first seen in Tough Break, where the Rat Talisman was accidentally fell into Gnomekop's battery storage and brought him to life. He then went of to find Turbo Troll (probably to destroy Turbo Troll). He escaped Section 13, and then went to to shop where he found a large number of Turbo Trolls and then melted all of them. He found a lot of himself in the same store and thought that they were his brothers. When the Enforcers captured him Shendu only thought about the Rat Talisman, where Valmont thought that Gnomekop can lead him to Section 13 and the other Talismans. After Jade tried to lure him away with a Turbo Troll, Gnomekop wanted to destroy him. Ultimately, Tohru sat on Gnomekop, breaking it, which sent the Rat Talisman flying into a giant Gnomekop.

Powers and Abilities

Gnomekop possesses superhuman strength, but only relative to his size, unlike Super Moose who's strength surpasses other mystical beings. For instance, he can lift and throw a trash can much larger than him, but can't free himself from tiny rope or Tohru's grasp (however, he was strong enough to launch Jade into the air when she tried to retrieve the Talisman). He's also durable enough to be thrown a sizable distance by Tohru with no damage.

Gnomekop owns a powerful belt that can fire explosive laser blasts, and can track Turbo Troll action figures via smell. He can also activate a toy car by leaping in the driver's seat (though, this could just be an extension of the Rat Talisman).


Season 1

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