Ghosts are undead spirits, or the disembodied souls of deceased beings. For some reason or another, they are still bound to the living world instead of a proper afterlife.


Known Ghosts

  • Shendu - He became a ghost after being killed by Jade Chan with the Dragon Talisman, as Shendu had lost all of his Talismans and was turned into a harmless statue. As a spirit, he was able to freely travel between Earth and the Netherworld, and could also possess human bodies. He was eventually resurrected to a new physical body, thanks to Daolon Wong.
  • Chi Master Fong - A late Chi Wizard who was killed by Daolon Wong. He is buried somewhere in rural Southern China, where his invisible spirit continues to commune with his former pupil Uncle, via the forces of nature (the wind, the birds, the sun, etc).
  • Ghosts of Windsor Mansion - These phantoms haunted an old mansion that once belonged to the late Elizabeth Windsor (who herself may also be among the ghosts now). They seemed to be poltergeists that could possess inanimate objects and bring them to life. They were awakened by a fight between Drago and Miss Hartman (who was temporarily transformed by the Sky Demon Chi).
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