Eye of Aurora
General Info
Name Eye of Aurora
Type Magical Object
Ability Teleportation
User Aurora
Vanessa Barone
Jackie Chan
Jade Chan
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 21

The Eye of Aurora is a magical necklace that originally belonged to an ancient Egyptian princess of the same name, given to her by a sorcerer. The necklace possesses the power to instantly teleport the user to anywhere in the world via saying, "Return to (name of place)".


Jade teleports to Siberia

The Egyptian Princess was greedy and used the necklace to travel the world to steal treasure from her rivals.

Some millennia later, Jackie Chan found it hidden in an ancient temple located in the sewers below the city. Jackie stumbled upon it when he accidentally activated a panel of hieroglyphics which revealed the necklace being worn by a statue of the princess. He took the necklace which caused the floor around him to crumble, but managed to avoid being impaled by the spikes below by grasping onto the whip of Vanessa Barone, who came to retrieve the Eye, as she wanted to use it to steal all the world's treasures. Vanessa got her hands on the Eye and then used it to teleport to Venice. Jackie tracked her down and took the necklace back, accidentally teleporting himself back to Uncle's Shop.

Vanessa then made her way to Uncle's shop while Jade took the necklace from her Uncle (in order to "spice up" her scouting trip). She then accidentally traveled to snowy Siberia where she was accosted by a group of wolves. Just as the wolves cornered her, Jackie then teleported to Uncle's shop where she realized how the Eye worked and used it to travel to Summit Hill where Vanessa has already arrived in search of it. As Vanessa and Jackie struggled to pry the necklace off each other, they both teleported to Peru, Mount Everest, the Sahara desert and then Summit Hill again.

Much to their surprise, the necklace broke into two, and it needed to be rejoined in order to be used again. Jackie offered Vanessa his half of the necklace, as well as telling about another treasure located in Desolación Island, but Vanessa quickly suspected him of wanting to send her there to have her arrested.

Jackie tricked her into saying "Return to Desolación Island", and he touched her half of the necklace with his for a brief moment, sending her to the island with the Buttercup scouts latching onto her and leaving Jackie behind. It can be assumed that the necklace was eventually donated to a museum after Jackie traveled to Desolación Island and found that the Buttercups had successfully tied up Vanessa.


Season 2

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