Enter The Viper is the fourth episode in JCA.

Jackie goes to the museum to get the snake talisman.The museum curator assures him that when they are trusted to hold the infamous Pink Puma Diamond they can see that the talisman will not be stolen by the dark hand.Jacki finds Ratso taking a picture of the talisman with his spy camera.Jackie realizes the the dark hand are planning to steal the talisman and pursues him for the time.Ratso escapes but his jacket is torn of and Jackie finds his phone when Val Mont calls.Val Mont reveals that they are going to break in at midnight.Jackie plans to steal the talisman before they do.Jade sneaks into the museum and help

s Jackie.Meanwhile a female thief named Viper plans on stealing the pink puma and breaks in.Both of them succesfully steal what they need and bump into each other.After Jackie realizes that she is not with the dark and he accidentally sets off the alarms.They escape but Jackie realizes that the goods have been switched.The police are able to catch him and arrest him as a jewel thief.Meanwhile Viper finds out the power of the talisman invisibility!She uses it to bust Jackie out of prison.Ratso follows them using the seeking device.Viper finds Jade with the diamond and they decide to trade.After trading however the talisman turns out to be counterfake.Back at Viper's home Val Mont is able to find her and the shadow khan pursue her for the talisman.Jackie and Jade are able to find them at the thanksgiving day parade.Jackie and Viper fight the shadowkhan atop a super moose balloon.Jade like always is able to get up there and distract Jackie.One of the shadowkhan are able to get the talisman and turn invisible.Jade quickly throws a bucket of green paint on him and Jackie is able to get the talisman but the balloon bursts and lands on top the statue of liberty.The talisman falls down and turns the statue invisible.After they get down Viper takes the puma and runs.Jade confesses that she "pulled a viper on viper"and the puma is counterfake.Jackie hands it over to the police and they question him and Jade about what they did to the statue.

  • Viper is introduced.


  1. Jackie wears a black robber style suite when he is about to rob the museum but does not put a mask on.
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