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General Info
Name Eggbert
Alias Noble Rooster
Type Noble Animal
Talisman Rooster Talisman
Ability Levitation
Sign Rooster
User Daolon Wong
First Appearance Season 3 Episode 6
Last Appearance Season 5 Episode 13

Eggbert is the Noble Rooster who was empowered by the Rooster Talisman's magical energy after the Twelve Talismans were destroyed, granting Eggbert the power of levitation and telekinesis.

The power of Levitation within Eggbert


Jackie and Jade Chan retrieved Eggbert in Malaysia after the bird had used its powers to fly to the top of a pair of twin skyscrapers above Kuala Lumpur. With Eggbert caged, the Chans traveled to Kansas with Eggbert in hand to retrieve the Noble Pig Mordecai who was empowered by the Pig Talisman, possessing its power of heat beam vision. In midst of the skirmish between Farmer MacDonald and the Chans, Eggbert fell out of his cage and met up with Mordecai. The two Noble Animals resonated with each other and began traveling the streets of Kansas with Eggbert levitating Mordecai. The two were eventually separated when Jade leaped onto Mordecai's back. Farmer MacDonald then appropriated Eggbert after noticing his flying abilities, but Daolon Wong arrived to absorb the powers. Amidst the ensuring battle, Eggbert used his levitation powers to lift MacDonald's house and escape Wong, but Wong nevertheless managed to absorb both Eggbert's and Mordecai's powers. The two animals were then relocated to MacDonald's farm under his care.

When McDonald visited Section 13, Eggbert and Mordecai were temporarily empowered by the newly-made rooster and pig talismans, respectively, so they could remove the Oni Mask from Jade's dog Scruffy, alongside Jade and her reanimated stuffed animal, Super Moose.

Eggbert reappeared again when Jade recruited him and Mordecai in the final fight against Drago, once again imbuing with the Rooster Talisman.

Powers and Abilities

When empowered by the Rooster Talisman, Eggbert is able to make objects, people, and other animals levitate and move according to Eggbert's thoughts. Eggbert can also levitate himself, simulating flight. Eggbert's telekinetic strength is powerful enough to levitate a house, and is arguably stronger than even Tarakudo who seemed to struggle heavily when facing off against the rooster.


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