Personal Info
Alias Caveman
Race Prehistoric Caveman
Birthdate Unknown
Age unknown
Status alive
General Info
Affiliation good
Team Chan Clan
Debut Jackie Chan Adventures
"Dwayne" was a frozen Caveman creature that was discoverd in Artic Circle in "Danger in the Deep Freeze'" by Jackie Chan and Jade Chan.

Jade Chan was the one that awaken him from his icy sleep

Episode 35

Dwayne traped in frozen Ice

by rasing hot tempreatures during the night in wich Jackie,Uncle and Tohru sleeped, and fed him up, it was in that moment tht she gave him the name Dwayne.

After that it was kidnaped by Peter Bailey who wanted to make a fourtane with Dwayne that he tricked Inuit Tribe leader and his men into beliving his lies that Dwayne was a evil creature, but his lies were uncoverd and revealde by Chan Clan and thus he was defated b them, the Dwayne finaly since Ice Age was once again freed and has whent to its home, as it was by prophec foretold.

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