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Personal Info
Full Name Unknown
Nickname Dwayne
Alias Old Timer (Jade)
Ice Guy (Jade)
Ice Man (Uncle)
Hairy Beast (Peter Bailey)
Race Prehistoric Caveman
Age Likely millions of years old
General Info
Base of Operations Artic Circle
Team Chan Clan
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 22

"When cold turns to heat, something will arise. When night turns to day, something will run free."
— Ancient Inuit prophecy regarding Dwayne

Dwayne was the name given to a prehistoric, humanoid creature discovered in the Artic Circle by Jackie Chan and his niece Jade in the Season 2 episode Danger in the Deep Freeze.


Originally discovered frozen in ice by the researcher Paul Connell three days prior to Jackie's arrival in the artic, Jackie and company were tasked with securing the creature for study following Connell's strange disappearance at the behest of the museum Jackie worked.

After bringing the caveman back with them to the research station, Jackie began to study the creature until discovering something frozen alongside him, a prehistoric artifact inscribed with tribal hieroglyphics that Uncle examined in an effort to decipher its ancient inscriptions. Later that night, Jade attempted to befriend the frozen caveman by reading to him until suddenly discovering that he was still alive within the ice, prompting her to awaken him by turning up the station's thermostat, raising the temperature during the night as the others slept. After melting the ice, Jade proceeded to feed her newfound friend, discovering that he had an apatite for fish. It was at this moment she gave him the name Dwayne.

Dwayne trapped in frozen ice

Unfortunately, Dwayne was kidnaped by Peter Bailey, a black marketeer who wanted to make a fortune from selling him after tricking the Inuit Elder and his men into believing his lies that the creature was an evil spirit that would destroy the world until the criminal's lies were uncovered and exposed by the Chan Clan, who later rescued Dwayne in addition to defeating Bailey. To Jackie's surprise, Jade insisted that Dwayne remain free in the artic tundra rather than being brought back with them to civilization, citing that his freedom was prophetically foretold by the ancient inscriptions.


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