Personal Info
Full Name Drew
Race Human
Age 12
Nationality American
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
General Info
Base of Operations Middle School
Occupation Student
Debut Season 1 Episode 5
Closing Season 5 Episode 12
English Jeannie Elias

Drew is a child that goes to school with Jade.

He is seen as her rival, and often denies her stories and her beliefs about ninjas. However, in the Season 3 episode Animal Crackers, Drew actually sees what Jade is talking about, and realizes that she was telling the truth before freaking out and running away. Later, when he tells his classmates about the animals he saw, the whole class laughs at him for a change, and after Miss Hartman remarks that Drew has been spending way too much time with Jade, Jade herself then replies, "Gee, Miss Hartman, and I thought I had the imagination".


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Season 5

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