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Fire.png|Fire Demon chi in Dragon form
Fire.png|Fire Demon chi in Dragon form
Demon Vortex card 11.jpg
Demon Vortex card 11.jpg
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A dragon from Demon World (Part 1).

Dragons are magical reptilian creatures from various folklores of the world. The dragons seen in the show are a mixture of the Chinese and European styles, with various features from both mythologies mingled; such as serpentine bodies, whiskers and fins from Chinese tradition; but they also have wings, horns, association with the fire element, and the evil alignment that most, though not all, dragons of European tradition possess. All of the dragons shown have glowing red eyes in the style of Demon Sorcerers, including those that are not. This may simply be a biological trait. They also all have the ability to breathe fire.

At some point in the past, a dragon was one of the 12 Noble Animals. Shendu than coveted it's power of combustion for himself and it Shendu stole the power for the Dragon Talisman.

Dragon body parts, such as Dragon's Teeth can be powerful spell ingredients, and can only be destroyed with magic.

Known Dragons


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