Dragon Talisman
Dragon Talisman
General Info
Name Dragon Talisman
Type Talisman
Ability Combustion
Sign Dragon
Noble Animal Shendu
User Valmont
Jackie Chan
Jade Chan
Captain Black
First Apperance Season 1 Episode 7
Last Appearance Season 5 Episode 13

The Dragon Talisman is one of the Twelve Talismans of Shendu. After Shendu was defeated and his powers scattered, the Dragon Talisman was hidden away.


In the past, this talisman power was owned by a Noble Dragon of the Chinese zodiac. At some point, Shendu drained its power into himself. When Lo Pei turned Shendu into a statue, the Noble Dragon's power separated from Shendu in the form of the Dragon Talisman and was scattered all over the world.

It was discovered in a volcanic cave.

Powers and Abilities


The user of the Dragon Talisman gains the Power of Combustion which allows them to shoot powerful fire blasts capable of causing immense destruction. The Talisman is so powerful that Jade was able to use it to knock back all nine Oni Generals with a single blast. The Talisman draws power from the user's emotions and it can even allow the user to fly, although that was only showed in its debut and never following that.


The Dragon Talisman was first sighted in the seventh episode of season one "Bullies". This Talisman was discovered in a volcanic cave by Jackie, only to be stolen from him shortly by the Enforcers. Afterwards, Valmont fused it to his hand and uses it to steal money from the United States Mint against Shendu's wishes. However, soon afterward, Shendu's Shadowkhan returned the Talisman to Shendu.

Appearances in other seasons

In "The Powers Unleashed" Jackie destroys the Talismans with a full power laser blast. With no host for the powers of the Talismans, the Talismans go back to the corresponding animal of their zodiac. In this Talismans case, it's powers return to the last living earthbound dragon, Shendu. As an easter egg this specific Talisman can be found in at least one scene in all of the Season 5 episodes.


  • The Dragon Talisman's power is Shendu's favorite as stated in "Day of the Dragon".
  • The Dragon Talisman is prominently featured in every season opening except season 2 when Jackie catches Jade playing with it. This includes season 3 when it isn't even in Talisman form for most of the season.
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