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Personal Info
Full Name Drago
Nickname Junior (Future Jade)
Hot Head (Jade)
Lizard Lips (Jade)
Dragon Boy (Jade)
Overgrown Handbag (Jade)
Dragon Teenybopper (Uncle)
Scale Face (Jade)
Gecko Boy (StrikeMaster Ice)
D (StrikeMaster Ice)
Lizard Boy (Miss Hartman)
D-Man (Ice Crew)
D-Dude (StrikeMaster Ice)
Major-D (StrikeMaster Ice)
D-Boy (StrikeMaster Ice)
Alias The Son of Shendu
Race Demon Sorcerer/Dragon
Nationality Unknown; Chinese or Half-Chinese
Sign Fire
Family Shendu (father)
Bai Tza (aunt)
Dai Gui (uncle)
Hsi Wu (uncle)
Po Kong (aunt)
Tchang Zu (uncle)
Tso Lan (uncle)
Xiao Fung (uncle)
Martial Arts Street Fighting
General Info
Base of Operations Netherworld
Junkyard (formerly)
TV studio (formerly)
Space Needle, Seattle (formerly)
Previous Affiliation Enforcers
Ice Crew
Previous Partner StrikeMaster Ice
MC Cobra
DJ Fist
Debut Season 4 Episode 10
Closing Season 5 Episode 13
English Michael Rosenbaum

"Planet's about to come under new management! And my first order of business will be... to turn this world inside-out! Just imagine - a population of demons running amuck! With me, Drago, pulling the strings! (maniacal laughter) Yep, pretty soon it's goodbye humanity, hello demon-ville. (Daddy would be so proud!)"
— Drago boasting to the Chan Clan about his plan

Drago is the seemingly-adolescent son of Shendu, originating from a possible future timeline. Like his father, Drago is both a dragon and a Fire Demon.

He was first introduced in the Season 4 episode J2: Rise of the Dragons as a standalone villain, serving a future version of Shendu. At the end of the episode, Drago became stranded in the present when he was incarcerated in Section 13. He subsequently served as the primary antagonist of Season 5, striking out apart from his father and plotting to unite all eight of his family's elemental powers; by combining his aunts' and uncles' Demon Chi from the Eight Immortals' artefacts with his own Fire Demon Chi, so he could populate the Earth with demons.


Drago appears to be a humanoid dragon with green, scale-like skin and red eyes. He has mixed Chinese and European dragon features, though he is technically purely Chinese like his father. He has four fingers and a thumb, which makes him much more "human" than his father.

However, after Drago absorbs all eight demon chi powers in the final episode, he is shown to be approximately the same height as Shendu and was now more muscular; he now has his uncle Dai Gui's horns, his uncle Hsi Wu's wings, his uncle Tchang Zu's toe claws and his aunt Bai Tza's tentacles (on his chin) and tail fin. He also now has an elongated face shape with pointed cheeks, similar to his uncle Tso Lan.

Drago's attire initially consists of a sleeveless indigo-with-gold-trim shirt alongside a matching pair of knee-length shorts. He is later depicted wearing a sleeveless gray-with-crimson-trim shirt underneath a black sleeveless jacket with a collar alongside a loose pair of charcoal pants complete with a crimson medium-length obi. In both instances, Drago sports a flame icon on the front of his shirt, denoting his status as a Fire Demon.


Like his father, Drago is hotheaded, megalomaniacal, bloodthirsty and inadverse to attempting to murder his enemies, although he is not as experienced or mature as Shendu is.

Compared to his father and piblings who are regal and sophisticated; Drago displays a degree of street-smarts in addition to being wholly confident, and is highly quippy and makes puns (not dissimilarly to his nemesis Jade Chan), and he speaks in a more modern manner similar to a human adolescent. Though he still doesn't resort to off-key shrieks and overt street-slang like StrikeMaster Ice does, once even implying when he mocked the latter that he finds his crude English annoying. Drago can be obnoxious and rude to those around him when he wants to be or when his patience is pushed, as happened at the end of his phone conversation with Jade and Tohru when ransoming the Chan Clan - a disgusted Jade commented immediately afterwards, "Evil, and a jerk!" He's generally viewed as an all-round unpleasant teenager by such older individuals as Uncle and Miss Hartman.

As noted by present Jade and Future Jade, Drago has a fiery temper much like his father; but Drago has less self-restraint compared to Shendu when his temper is triggered, often descending into anger-fuelled rants when he's annoyed past his (short) limit, or otherwise threatening and attacking whoever's around him. This was seen at his audition for evil minions when he grew sick with the poor initial turnout, and the numerous times he took out his frustrations around the Ice Crew when he was dissatisfied with how a mission had turned out. Both versions of Jade used Drago's hair-trigger temper against him by taunting him and implying he was second-rate compared to Shendu, enraging him into attacking them with his fire breath and unwittingly destroying the Dragon's Teeth he needed for his plan. After absorbing all eight Demon Chi, Drago's former temper abated as he took on a notably calmer disposition - but after Shendu intervened in the final battle against Drago, the latter's short temper seemingly returned.

Drago displayed nothing but excitement at the idea of populating the Earth with freed demons and ruling over them, allegedly (possibly jokingly) feeling it was bigoted and unfair that humans got to have the Earth to themselves while demons remained trapped in other dimensions. After obtaining all eight Demon Chi to this end, Drago expressed savage glee when causing destruction and making way for demonkind's arrival; laughing maniacally. He seems to have a mindset that he can only rule over the Earth alone and can't share it with anyone, similar to his father, based on his betrayal of Shendu at the final battle.

Drago's treatment of his minions isn't much (if at all) less abusive than Shendu's - in addition to snapping at them with his fire powers when angered, he casually destroyed StrikeMaster Ice and MC Cobra's portable games consoles when they were playing those instead of listening to him. Chow considered Drago an even worse boss than his father had been. However, whereas Shendu was known to backstab his human allies once they ceased to be useful, Drago despite his abusiveness apparently stayed true to his offer to let his minions be at his side when he was victorious; infusing the Ice Crew with extra Demon Chi after he'd absorbed all eight demon powers (so they could eradicate Section 13, and after they'd briefly betrayed him no less), and allowing the Ice Crew to share in the spoils after they converted the Space Needle into their luxurious lair. Unlike Shendu, Daolon Wong and Tarakudo, who all kept the Enforcers under their service for some time despite their repeated failures; Drago (initially) had no such tolerance when the Enforcers were briefly under his employ - recognising their incompetence after their disastrous attempt to obtain the Wind Demon Chi, Drago promptly fired them from his service and took back the Fire Demon powers he'd given them. However, after Drago failed in his subsequent attempt to seize the Water Demon Chi on his own, he decided henchmen were a necessity despite the Enforcers' incompetence and sought out new minions. After acquiring the Ice Crew, from then on Drago kept them around despite their numerous failures against the Chan Clan. The evolution of Drago's treatment of his henchmen indicates that while Drago is reluctant to admit to his own mistakes, he learns from them.

Despite his evil tendencies and following in his Demon Sorcerer family's footsteps, it has been hinted in spite of Drago's behaviour towards his minions that he isn't as completely evil as he lets on. Although he swiftly dismissed the Enforcers, Drago afterwards momentarily forgot when he first sensed the Water Demon Chi that Ratso, Finn and Chow weren't in his junkyard as his minions anymore, and seemed to feel somewhat awkward at realising how alone he currently was. Drago claimed he doesn't suffer traitors well, and initially encased the Ice Crew in earth after they betrayed him and attempted to drown him so they could take the eight Demon Chi for themselves. However, like his father, it appears Drago can change his mind at times when it comes to retribution, as he shortly afterwards released the Ice Crew and gave them another chance.

Whereas Shendu considered Jackie Chan specifically to be his nemesis, Drago seemingly treated the Chan Clan more broadly as his foes, although he does seem to have a personal animosity towards Jade in particular. Drago and the future version of Jade apparently have an unknown history, as Drago quipped, "Like old times" at the start of his final fight with her in the present, whilst Jade rebuked Drago's animosity with the quip that she was "not the sentimental type." Drago was also inadverse to attempting to kill his timeline's Jade with his fire-breath, expressing glee during the attempt. After his first defeat in the present and subsequent stranding in the present time, Drago indicated that Jade's younger self is not exempt from his animosity and/or that he holds a grudge for her role alongside her future self in his first downfall; often targeting her and attempting to kill her with his fire-breath whenever they cross paths, going slightly out of his way to taunt her when hunting the Sky Demon Chi, and quipping "Hello, payback" when she drew his attention during his escape from Section 13. He quipped after discovering Jade had absorbed the Wind Demon Chi that she was a "real pain in [his] butt."

Initially, like most of the Chan Clan's other major foes including the majority of Drago's family, Drago made no preemptive attacks on them beyond clashing with them in pursuit of Demon Chi or striking when they had something he wanted. But losing six Demon Chi to the Chans seemingly made Drago grow more unhinged, based on his immersion in enacting a commando-style mission (something he apparently has a personal fondness for), to the Ice Crew's confusion. After both losing the seventh Demon Chi to the Chans and being stripped of his own fire powers by them, Drago seemingly considered the Chans a serious threat. He subsequently took things a step further than merely targeting them; upgrading his and his minions' equipment so they could effectively and swiftly kidnap half the Chan Clan and Captain Black, and ransoming them to the remaining Chans in exchange for the eight Demon Chi. This recognition of the Chans and Section 13 as a credible threat seemingly didn't abate after Drago absorbed all eight Demon Chi, sending the newly Demon Chi-empowered Ice Crew to eliminate Section 13 with orders to ensure everyone inside was also permanently neutralised. Drago didn't appear overly threatened by Jackie Chan and the J-Team after absorbing all eight Demon Chi; though he summoned the Demon Chi-enhanced Ice Crew to eliminate them, he seemingly treated the J-Team's interference as nothing more than a game for him to watch for his own amusement.

Drago has a very poor, dysfunctional and resentful relationship with his father, not dissimilar to the latter's demon siblings. Though Drago served the future version of Shendu faithfully when attempting to free him from his statue form, it's implied that he was more interested in seeing his father have the future Chans as "appetizers"; as he threw away his allegiance to the present version of Shendu seemingly without provocation when he sensed the Demon Chi's reactivation, seeking to claim the power so he could take over the Earth himself. When Drago and Shendu faced off and fought before being banished, Drago displayed insolence and defiance towards his father, feeling conquest was "a job for a fiery young dragon". After they were both defeated and trapped in the Netherworld, Drago behaved like a petulant child when arguing with and chiding his father for not letting him have the Earth, implying he has unresolved childhood issues with Shendu. The father and son Fire Demons appear to have a love-hate relationship, as despite their mutual issues and resentments, they both felt that Shendu would be proud to watch Drago use the Demon Chi to turn the Earth into a demon-world under his rule. Drago at one point expressed a determination to not repeat Shendu's mistakes after striking out on his own. Drago went as far as throwing his father into a rift to the Netherworld to get rid of him (when Shendu had conceded to saving Drago from the same fate after hearing his pleading, no less) so he could have the Earth for himself; an act of treachery very similar to how Shendu himself double-crossed and abandoned his siblings. Ultimately, despite his father issues, Drago has a treacherous streak much like Shendu's when dealing with the latter (though it's unknown if Drago extends this behaviour to others; as he never got the chance to demonstrate if he'd go back on a deal with anyone else), and just like with his father, it got Drago into an otherwise-avoidable bad situation.


Season 4

In the future, when Jade is placed in charge of Section 13, Drago was the number one on their most wanted list. When he unleashes an army of dragon minions to destroy the compound, Jade learns of his plans to resurrect Shendu and travels back into the past to destroy the Dragon's Teeth that end up in Section 13 to revive his father. But Drago had no intention of allowing her to go through with her plan and followed her. But in causality, he was tricked by Jade (both present and future) into destroying the teeth, trapping Shendu in statue mode in the future. He was subsequently locked in the present day Section 13 with a clamp over his mouth.

Season 5

Drago's final form after absorbing all the Demon Chi.

Later, Drago sensed the awakening of the Immortal symbols that contained a portion of his aunts and uncles' chi. This compelled him to break out of Section 13. He empowered the Enforcers with fire powers and dragon-like appearances. But they soon proved to be incompetent, so he took their chi and began holding henchman auditions (he regretted firing the Enforcers) after failing to get the Water Demon Chi. He settled for StrikeMaster Ice, DJ Fist and MC Cobra. During the search for the chi he failed many times thanks to the J-team, and eventually Drago lost his fire powers. When all eight chi were found, Drago kidnapped Jackie Chan, Captain Black and Uncle to ransom for the Chi containment unit. But his henchmen soon turned on him, dropping him into the ocean and wanting to use the chi for themselves. But Drago uses an incantation to absorb all the chi; turning into a gargoyle like demon and was now as large as his father. He punished his henchmen but then gave them another chance and they fend off a Section 13 attack. Drago then granted the Ice Crew a portion of Wind, Earth and Thunder chi and orders them to destroy Section 13's base.

At a baseball field, Drago began spells to summon lesser demons to Earth. The J-Team arrives to stop him, assisted by Hak Foo and the Enforcers. Then Shendu returns in humanoid form to take his revenge on his son, having been released by Uncle. But the chi-powered Drago was more than a match for his father, so Jade had all the Talismans given to Shendu making it an even match. Tohru and Uncle soon used a Reversal spell to remove Drago from the Earth. Caught on the edge of the hole to oblivion, Drago pleads to his father for help, saying he was sorry. Shendu told him he must know his place and reaches for him only for Drago to throw him over. But Shendu grabs his tail, pulling them into the Netherworld. They are last seen arguing and fighting.

Powers and Abilities

As a demon sorcerer and dragon, Drago is capable of breathing fire so destructive that it's capable of destroying a Talisman or even dragon teeth. Along with this, he can also create images of others out of fire. Although no martial artist, he possesses strength, agility and speed on superhuman levels, easily able to shatter concrete with his bare claws and leaping imposing distances. In addition, his prehensile tail can also be utilized in combat. Drago can also transform any human into a humanoid dragon with powers similar to himself, providing them with physical attributes almost identical to his as well as a unique dragon power.

Inheriting Drago's speed

Drago has the ability to sense the destination of demon chi, which happens in the form of a random vision inside his head which shows him the specific demon chi and its location.

In terms of his threat level, Drago is below his elders on a normal day, despite being a demon sorcerer himself. He was outmatched by foes possessing the chi of Wind, Earth and Mountian, and was also appeared somewhat evenly matched with someone possessing the chi of Sky (it should be noted, these were people who only possessed the powers and not the demons themselves, meaning they did not know the full scope of their abilities). However, that all changed when he finally absorbed the eight demon powers permanently.

Without any possible way to remove the demon chi from Drago, he became nearly infinite in power. He can give a smaller portion of chi to any of his underlings, allowing them to use those powers to their fullest extent without having to remove it from his being. He is also shown to have enough power to rival his own father Shendu.


Drago can still be banished to the demon world by turning his own portals against him, by using a big reversal spell, and with some way to drag him inside the portal.



  • "No prison can hold the son of Shendu!" Relics of Demon Past
  • "I am Drago. The son of Shendu. Serve me well now and be at my side when I rule the world!" Relics of Demon Past
  • "Nobody likes a critic, Chan!" It's All in the Game
  • (roars out of fury) "Surrounded! Outnumbered! (creates out of fire a picture of the Enforcers) Maybe I shouldn't have gone solo. (changes the picture into that of Shendu) But I will not repeat your mistakes, father! I will find the biggest, baddest henchmen in the world! And fulfill my destiny." Black and White and Chi All Over
  • "Was that a joke back there? Did I hire clowns? I give you powers beyond your wildest imagination, and you amateurs can't get past an archaeologist, a tub of guts, an old man, and a little girl?!" Black and White and Chi All Over
  • "Oh, I won't just touch you, Chan. I'll rip you apart!" Black and White and Chi All Over
  • "Oh, did I scare you?" The Demon Beneath My Wings
  • "A hero ain't nothing but a sandwich... mama's boy!" Antler Action
  • "What you're turning into is a MAJOR PAIN IN MY TAIL!" Antler Action
  • "And where do you three snowbunnies think you're off to?" Clash of the Titanics
  • "Gonna be several pieces of Uncle when I'm through!" Clash of the Titanics
  • "Once I absorb the storm's lightning, I'll be able to wipe out entire cities. No one will dare oppose me!" Stealing Thunder
  • "Space Needle lair, gone. The Thunder Demon Chi, gone! And any faith that I ever had that you three were strong enough to defeat Jackie Chan, GONE!" Weight And See
  • "That's about to change. When it does, I won't forget our little chat!" The Powers That Be (Part 1)
  • "You're weak old man. Conquest is a job for a fiery young dragon!" The Powers That Be (Part 2)
  • Drago: "The Earth was within my grasp-you never let me have what I want!"
    Shendu: "I told you not to play with your father's world!"
    Drago: "Why not?! You aren't using it! You're always too busy fighting wizards!" The Powers That Be (Part 2)


  • Drago never attempted to find the sword of the Eight Immortals which would most likely contain Shendu's Fire Demon Chi, presumably because he had no use for it as he already had his own Fire Demon Chi.
  • Drago is the only main antagonist that Hak Foo has never worked for.
  • Drago's human-looking eyes - unique amongst the Demon Sorcerers - remained unchanged when he was transformed by absorbing Xiao Fung and Tso Lan's Demon Chi respectively, whereas Bai Tza and Tchang Zu's Demon Chi both respectively turned his eyes all-red like the other Demon Sorcerers'.
  • Like his father and the latter's siblings, it is unknown how Drago came into existence. It's also unknown how the present-day version of Shendu knew of him.
    • It is possible there is another, younger Drago who exists in the present timeline, but his whereabouts are unknown. This would explain why Drago's impact on the present timeline (i.e., his father's freedom and banishment, which evidently didn't occur in Drago's original timeline) doesn't cause him any temporal repercussions such as Future Jade warned her past self of in J2: Rise of the Dragons and when Jackie suffered in Through the Rabbit Hole.
    • On the other hand, he may have potentially been born sometime after the events of the show, as Shendu was considered the only living dragon on Earth in Re-Enter the Dragon, and the Noble Dragon power had been without any dragon to bond to until Shendu was resurrected.
    • Based on his more humanoid appearance compared to Shendu, it's widely thought among the fandom that Drago most likely has a human mother.
  • Drago apparently has a fear of water, even though he says the reason he doesn't like water is because it can extinguish his fire powers. This fear seemingly disappeared when he briefly absorbed the Water Demon Chi.
  • In The Powers That Be (Part 2), Drago stated that Shendu was "always too busy fighting wizards" referring to the number of wizards he has fought including: Lü Dongbin, Lo Pei and Uncle.