Dr. Ashby Necrosis
Personal Info
Full Name Ashby Necrosis
Alias The Kingpin of Techno-crime
Race Human
Nationality British
General Info
Occupation Criminal Mastermind
Affiliation Hoyle
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 18
English Charles Shaughnessy

Dr. Ashby Necrosis is a criminal mastermind who attempted to build a doomsday device with the use of the Druid stone.





For years, Dr. Necrosis' archenemy, Taggart McStone foiled all his techno plans. However, he somehow managed to obtain the Druid stone, which is powerful enough to destroy the world.

Season 2

In Agent Tag, Section 13 sends Agent Tag to infiltrate the Necropolis and stop his doomsday device. However, things don't go they way they were planned as Agent Tag is unconscious and Jackie Chan has to stop him. Although, Dr. Necrosis is unaware of that and sends Hoyle to finish Jackie whom he believes to be Agent Tag. He asks him not to damage his face as he wants to see how his archenemy looked like.

Hoyle captures Jackie who tries to explain that he is not Agent Tag, but Dr. Necrosis doesn't believe him. One thing follows the other and Jackie escapes, the doomsday device goes berserk and Hoyle is defeated. Dr. Necrosis tries to take the elevator to escape but Agent Tag knock him unconscious. At the end of the episode, he still thinks Jackie is Agent Tag.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Necrosis is highly intelligent and is rightfully called "The Kingpin of Techno-crime".


Season 2

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