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Dr. Ashby Necrosis
Personal Info
Full Name Ashby Necrosis
Nickname SKIP (Section 13)[1]
Alias The Kingpin of Techno-crime
Race Human
Nationality British
General Info
Occupation Criminal Mastermind
Affiliation Hoyle
Debut/Closing Season 2 Episode 18
English Charles Shaughnessy

Dr. Ashby Necrosis is a criminal mastermind who attempted to build a doomsday device by use of the Druid Stone.





For years, Dr. Necrosis' archenemy, Taggart McStone foiled all his techno plans. However, he somehow managed to obtain the Druid Stone, an ancient and magical artifact that, when used in conjunction with a radio telescope and satellite network, is powerful enough to threaten the whole world.

Season 2

In Agent Tag, Section 13 sends Agent Taggart McStone to infiltrate the Necropolis and destroy his doomsday device. However, Tag's plans were thwarted when Jade Chan stowed away aboard his high-tech aircraft and was left unconscious when Jackie Chan mistook him for one of Necrosis' henchmen, leaving an unwilling Jackie to complete the mission. Meanwhile, Dr. Necrosis suspected the intruder as being none other than Agent Tag, his long-time nemesis, but having never met him face to face, believed Jackie to be Agent Tag. While sending Hoyle to finish him off, the doctor asked him not to damage "Tag's" face as he wished to see what his archenemy looked like.

Hoyle captured Jackie who tried to explain that he was not Agent Tag, but Dr. Necrosis did not believe him. Aided by a stray energy blast fired from the doctor's doomsday device following the destruction of the laser beam's remote, Jackie escaped his restraints and successfully managed to subdue Hoyle while Necrosis attempted to escape via elevator amidst the confusion, only to be greeted by the real and now-conscious Agent Tag, who knocked the doctor out with a single punch to the face. By the end of the episode, Necrosis still thinks Jackie is Taggart McStone, cursing "Agent Tag" before falling unconscious.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Necrosis is highly intelligent and is rightfully called "The Kingpin of Techno-crime".


Season 2