Demon World (Part 2)
Season 2 Episode 28
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General Information
Setting Hong Kong
Aired on February 23, 2002
Production Number 41
Written by David Slack
Directed by Sean Song
Produced by Michael Goguen
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Demon World (Part 2) is the forty-first episode of Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jade, Uncle, and Jackie escape from Shendu's palace with a few talismans taken from Shendu. Using Jade's memories of the Immortal symbols, they embark on a mission to find the other members of the J-Team and manage to banish half of the Demons in the process. Realizing what has transpired, Shendu and the other three remaining Demons make a final stand at Australia to prevent history from being corrected.


Thanks to the Dog Talisman, Jackie survives Shendu's attempt to roast him, and then stuns him using the Ox Talisman. After a quick inventory, the Chans discover that they are also in possession of the Dragon, Snake, Rooster, and Rabbit Talismans. The trio flee as Shendu stirs, and manage to escape his palace and minions using the Rooster and Rabbit Talisman powers to create a flying carpet. Undaunted, Shendu prepares to pursue them using his seeking device.

Realizing that the fortress containing the Book of Ages is too great an obstacle for them to tackle alone, the Chans set out to find the members of the J-Team. They first find Tohru at a salt mine in the domain of Po Kong, and he helps them to banish her back to the Netherworld. The four then collect El Toro Fuerte and Paco, slaves of Xiao Fung, after banishing the Wind Demon as well. Within a sky-high palace, Viper proves to be a captive of Hsi Wu, whom the heroes banish only for Tchang Zu to tear in for a visit.

The J-Team attempts to hold off the Thunder Demon, with Paco fortuitously providing the castanets needed to banish him. Unfortunately during the fight, Jade's watch and the Ox Talisman fall from Hsi Wu's tower. The two are discovered by Shendu, who-in conference with Bai Tza, Dai Gui, and Tso Lan-realizes that Jade remembers the original timeline, and must be planning to find the Book of Ages. As the J-Team travels to Australia, Jade helps a despondent Jackie by passing on the martial arts knowledge he taught to her in the unaltered timeline.

With their Talismans and Jackie's newfound skills, the J-Team soon overcome the Shadowkhan guarding the fortress. However, the four remaining demons then arrive together, forcing the J-Team to split up both to evade them and search for the Book of Ages. Tohru, El Toro, and Viper briefly face Shendu's siblings with the Rabbit, Rooster, and Dragon Talismans, but are overcome and taken prisoner. Jackie is likewise captured by Shendu, despite the brief interference of a Dog Talisman-carrying Uncle.

Jade, Paco, and Uncle eventually find the portal to the Book of Ages, but are interrupted by the captive-carrying demons before they can find the page Shendu altered. Thinking quickly, Jade uses the power of the book to help her friends, causing Jackie to grow to twenty feet in height while endowing Tohru and Viper with other supernatural abilities. She and Paco then briefly clash over empowering Jackie and El Toro with the book, until Uncle has them use it to grant him the power to banish the four remaining demons. Uncle then locates the altered page, and Jade reattaches the corner she tore away, causing a rippling magical effect.

The Chans and Tohru find themselves back at Jade's parents' home in Hong Kong, as they were before Shendu returned. However, all of them recall the events of the altered timeline, and they are inexplicably joined by El Toro, Paco, and Viper as well. Fortunately, Jade's parents remember nothing of Jackie's behavior while possessed by Shendu, and Jackie subtly acknowledges Jade's heroism.





Voice Talent


Jade: Dog makes you immortal. Ox makes you super-strong. Let’s see what else we got. (looks at the other four talismans) Speedy Rabbit, Levitating Rooster, Invisible Snake, and Explosive Dragon. Ooh, good ones!

Shendu: Centuries of history altered, your very memory erased, and STILL somehow you defy me!? I shall find you, Chan! And I promise you, I shall erase more than your memory.


  • USA: The WB (Kids' WB) - Saturday, February 23, 2002
  • UK: BBC One (CBBC) - Saturday, April 13, 2002
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