Deja Vu Stone
Deja Vu stone
General Info
Name Deja Vu Stone
Type Magical Object
Ability Time travel
User Jade Chan, Jackie Chan, Daolon Wong
First Apperance Deja Vu
Last Appearance Deja Vu

The Deja Vu stone is a magical object that can allow the user to visit past experiences.


The stone appears in the episode "Deja Vu" near the end of Season 4. Daolon Wong sought the stone to regain his powers, but Jackie kicked it out of his hand, sending them to different points in time. The stone itself was sent to the clock tower in Bavaria, where Jackie found the Pig Talisman. Jackie manages to use the stone in order to "take [him] back to the beginning" with Wong in tow. However, because he was vague about what "beginning" he meant, the stone took Jackie back to the wrong beginning — specifically when Jade first arrived in America.

After siccing the Enforcers on Wong, Jackie used his opportunity to send Jade home, only to remember all the times she had saved his life and the world — which was, according to Jade, 72 times and half a dozen times, respectively. Jackie finally realized that he does need Jade around (and that life without her would be uninteresting), and used the stone to return to the present.


Season 4

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